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We continue to enrich our past works with good examples and new trends. We gathered our initiatives under 14 programs that are distributed along 4 main structures in our aircraft engine by considering today's way of doing business as well as common work areas.

During our journey, scientists who created big impacts both in our country and in the world will be accompanying us.

Considering the operational level,

will enable us to strengthen our works in terms of H&S with technology,

will enable us to provide security for power supply for more than 21 million people by minimizing the outage durations,

FARADAY will enable end-to-end management for our power grid and our assets,

will enable us to have the healthiest Maintenance management.

Considering the customer level,

GRAHAM will enable us to always be there for our customers and provide them the best service,

FIBONACCI will enable us to differentiate our products with digital solutions and always achieve higher than previous sales,

PASTEUR will enable us to create specific solutions for the requirements of our customers,

RUMI will enable us to provide the best digital experience for our employees.

Considering the energy market level,

AL-KHWĀRIZMĪ will enable us to increase our power in digital platforms as well with a focus on finance,

ALBERT EINSTEIN will enable us to strengthen our activities as the pioneering player in the market,

CAHIT ARF will enable us to make the entire process, from consumption to collection, more efficient.

Considering the technological level,

HEZARFEN will enable us to activate the integrated technological network we have already installed,

SINAN will enable us to adapt our technological infrastructure to the needs of the future,>

TURING will enable us to make our operations more effective using the power of technology and data.