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People and Culture

Rapid technological advances, automation, artificial intelligence and changes in employee expectations are transforming the work environment and the workforce globally. This transformation was accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, and many organizations are rethinking how to design the workplace of the future. We started our systematic “Adapting to the Future of Work” studies. We defined our model in 7 dimensions with our own principles. Within the scope of our studies, an independent consultant firm carried out gap analysis studies for today’s world and future needs. We organized 12 workshops with employees from all levels, one-on-one meetings with our senior management team and carried out alignment studies. Throughout these processes, we used scientific tools and questionnaires for assessment. As a result of these studies, we have shaped the “Future of Work” together with our employees in the areas of ‘Remote Working’, ‘Physical and Mental Health’, ‘Flexible Workforce and High Performance’, ‘Talent and Skill Management’, ‘Future Leadership’, ‘Purpose Driven Organization and Culture, ‘Digital, Data-Oriented and Agile Organization’.

Public Areas

Digital Transformation

We address mega trends such as digitalization, decarbonization, distributed generation, urbanization, customer centricity and deregulation, which are shaping the future needs of the energy sector. ...

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