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Company Profile

Why Enerjisa

Our strength comes from our roots; our success comes from our confidence!

As a Sabancı Group organization, we know very well the value of the confidence felt for us. We bring together 20 million people in 14 provinces with energy, and we continue to work our power for Turkey.

We are side by side, face to face, shoulder to shoulders with our customers!

We work with the consciousness that solutions become meaningful only when delivered to the points of need. Therefore, we bring our Customer Service Centres to the locations where our customers can reach, meet them in a modern and spacious environment, and fix the problems in place. In addition, at any time of day, we are always ready to respond to your needs just beside the phone.

We are Accessible and Solutioner!

One of the priority issues which we emphasize is to understand the needs of our customers truly. For this purpose, we design from the beginning to the end the most suitable and innovative solutions for the needs.