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  • 2018
    IPO of Enerjisa Enerji
  • 2018
    Acquisition of majority shares of “Elektrikli Araçlar Şarj Sistemleri A.Ş.” (Eşarj)
  • 2018
    Inclusion of Enerjisa Enerji shares in the FTSE All-World Index
  • 2018
    Inclusion of Enerjisa Enerji shares in the MSCI Small Cap (Turkey) Index
  • 2019
    United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) signatory
  • 2019
    Establishment of Sustainability Committee and Working Groups and Issue of the 1st Sustainability Report
  • 2019
    UN Global Compact signatory and inclusion of Enerjisa Enerji shares in the BIST Sustainability Index
  • 2019
    First Corporate Governance Rating and inclusion of Enerjisa Enerji shares in the BIST Corporate Governance Index
  • 2020
    LACP 2019 Inspire Golden Award for the 1st Sustainability Report
  • 2020
    Sustainability Strategy & Roadmap Development
Message of the CEO
We respect environment and act responsibly in all our operations. We focus on global trends such as digitisation, democratisation, decarbonisation, deregulation and distributed production. We have the goal to continuously improve our environmental performance and minimise the environmental impacts of our operations.
Murat Pınar
CEO of Enerjisa Enerji
Message of the CFO
In line with our goal to become a role model in the sector and to a greater extent, we put all our efforts to lead sustainability activities and actively shape the future of energy world.
Dr. Michael Moser
CFO of Enerjisa Enerji

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