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Technology and Innovation

Smart Technologies

Enerjisa Electricity Distribution Companies initiated its R&D journey as Başkent Energy and Automation Directorate in 2011. Infrastructure and adaptation projects such as SCADA, Energy Analyser, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), OSOS, etc. were completed in the first place.

As of 2013, the R&D Directorate, which carries out its projects through funding resources, has begun focusing on Smart Grids, besides energy automation projects.

While the main funding resource was EMRA’s R&D Fund; EU Framework Programmes Horizon 2020 and TUBITAK 1501/1509 funding resources were also used. Furthermore, the R&D Directorate also represents our country in ITEA and EUROGIA clusters which operate under EUREKA cluster through the projects developed. The R&D Directorate also has chairs in the board of directors and technical boards of the EUROGIA cluster, which operates particularly in low-carbon energies. Our CEO Murat Pınar has been the chairperson of the cluster since 2018.

Carrying out various projects in improvement of the distribution grids and operational efficiency, Occupational Health and Safety, Environment, Customer Solutions, Smart Cities and Smart Grids, the R&D Directorate keeps close contact with universities and start-ups; hence, continues to add value. Developing new technologies through strengthening the theoretical knowledge with know-how and experience as part of the R&D projects, the R&D Directorate believes in the significance of collaboration with universities, SMEs, related institutions in the industry and start-ups.

In 2020, Enerjisa Distribution Companies R&D Directorate initiated the “Ivme Entrepreneurship Acceleration Programme” with the purpose to create and offer solutions to the existing problems focused by the energy sector; develop scalable technologies that can even be easily applied during transformation and crisis periods with these swift solutions created; and contribute to the establishment and growth of new generation entrepreneurs. Ivme Entrepreneurship Acceleration Programme, which has the goal to support initiatives that can create an impact in the energy sector, facilitates entrepreneurs to meet Enerjisa Distribution Companies, focuses on recent problems as well as opportunities in the future, and supports initiatives to overcome the challenging phase between the protype product and commercialisation.

So far, applications for 54 projects and 20 publications, in addition to 9 patents/utility models have been submitted.

Among the project carried out, SEAS project, featuring the first micro grid demonstration centre in Turkey, was granted Excellence for Innovation and Business Impact award by Digital Innovation Forum in 2017. SEAS project, assessed as part of the EUREKA ITEA cluster, was carried out by using TUBITAK 1509 and EMRA R&D Funds.

Funded by the Horizon 2020, an EU Framework Programme, with the goal to increase energy efficiency by gamifying smart home and building management systems, the PEAK APP project was nominated for “Austrian Energy Globe Award” and granted “Jury Special Award”. Furthermore, TUBITAK granted a success award to the project.

The projects carried out in 2020 and before can be accessed on our annual reports.

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