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Customer Services

Positive Solutions

Privileged services await in the Positive world of Enerjisa for free.

Bills Under Control: Before your invoice is issued, your meter reading for the period is compared with the consumptions in the past 12 months. If your consumption figures seem to differ, our system automatically checks your invoice in details. In the event the consumption figures to be invoices were determined to be faulty, your invoice is issued after the necessary corrections are applied. This process is followed in every invoicing period; hence, your invoice is delivered to your party in the most accurate and fault-free way. All these processes are automatically carried out by Enerjisa to protect you even if you do not report a request or apply to our party. However, if you believe your invoice is not correct, please contact us 24/7 via 444 4 372.

Early Warning System: When your invoice is issued, your due date is automatically reflected on your bill. However, it is life. We may have some other issues in mind and forget to pay our bills. When such a thing happens, Enerjisa sends a reminder text message regarding your unpaid bills to avoid any unfortunate incidents. Call us on 444 4 372, update your contact information now and be informed about your payment status.

Invoices in Your Mobile/E-mail: Bills delivered electronically make your life easier. You can ask your bills to be delivered via text message or e-mail, prevent the risk of your bills to get lost while also contributing to the environment. Electronic invoices do not differ in any aspect from printed ones. Call us on 444 4 372, ask for your invoice to be delivered electronically and make your life easier.

Enerjisa Mobile Anytime Anywhere: You can now apply for your electricity processes, ask for the nearest Enerjisa, learn about the tips to save, infrastructure developments in your area, scheduled power cuts, inquire your tariff details and handle your invoice-related processes via Enerjisa Mobile. Download Enerjisa Mobile from the application store of your smart phone now and ease your life.

Bills on Enerjisa Mobile: Besides several other processes, Enerjisa Mobile enables the customers to also monitor and pay their bills through the same application. You can also access your previous bills and easily compare your invoices. While following up your bills, the application facilitates the payment process and enables you to save time. Download Enerjisa Mobile from the application store of your smart phone now and save the trouble of following up your bills.


Your Consumption Analyses On Your Mobile: Enerjisa Mobile also enables the customers to monitor Monthly Consumption History anytime anywhere and compare your consumptions with the average consumption of other Enerjisa customers in the region. If you like, we can also periodically e-mail you these analyses. Call us now on 444 4 372, update your contact information and receive the analyses periodically by e-mail.

24/7 Service: We are at your disposal from various channels. Besides our Customer Services Centres, where you can carry out all electricity subscription processes, and Authorised Payment Centres, where you can pay your bills, we are at your disposal 24/7 through our digital channels and our Call Centre. Please click here for our service channels.

So Easy to Save: During our journey to teach all Enerjisa customers as well as Turkey how to save energy with the motto of “Protect Your Energy”, we offer easy and useful tips to our customers. In addition to our saving tips that can be accessed anytime on enerjinikoru.com and Enerjisa Mobile, we developed a survey to understand your consumption habits and offer you some exclusive suggestions. Please click here now and start filling out the survey.

I Protect My Energy: We did not forget our children; hence, designed a game for them to both have fun and learn how to save. Building their own cities, our children understand the importance of saving during the game, which has the goal to make saving a part of their life. Download now to your mobile phone and start having fun!