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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

I Protect My Energy
With the goal to raise children's awareness on energy efficiency, "I Protect My Energy" Project was initiated with the Protocol signed with the Ministry of National Education and over 250,000 students from 550 schools in 14 cities have been provided training since 2010. As part of the project, volunteering employees of Enerjisa display an informative presentation to primary school students; and then a theatre play is staged with professional theatre players.

Provided to children between the ages of 7 and 10, during when habits are made and awareness of environment and saving is raised, energy efficiency training includes interesting and entertaining contents presented to children by "Energetic Hearts", volunteering employees of Enerjisa. With the training provided, raising social responsibility awareness is also supported in the in-house culture. In addition to training provided in the project, which has been presented to over 250,000 students with 330 volunteering employees so far, the theatre play "Town Musicians of Bremen" is staged for children to enhance what they learn. In 2019, the project met children with a scenario titled "May the Stars Not Offended".

As a result of the project, which was a first in the sector, the Ministry of National Education included Energy Protection Training to their agenda; and the online game designed as part of the project has been published on Education Informatics Network (EBA), the social training platform of the Ministry of National Education.

Attaching importance to the social responsibility activities that will contribute to the society, Enerjisa places utmost significance to continue its efforts to raise people's and particularly children's awareness on energy protection and energy efficiency, which are among the most prominent issues in our country in terms of energy. While Enerjisa is more than proud to be granted international awards for this meaningful project, these awards are also key indicators for the significance of the project.

Sustaining its efforts to provide the best distribution service, Enerjisa was awarded Silver Stevie in 2016 during the Stevie Awards, which presents awards to world's most successful organisations, with the I Protect My Energy Social Responsibility Project.

In 2017, Enerjisa was also presented an award by the Corporate Social Responsibility Turkey (CSR) Association in the category of "Responsible Consumption and Production", as part of the event held under "Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Goals" theme.

In 2018, the project was awarded Golden Compass, one of the most prestigious awards in Turkey presented by the Public Relations Association of Turkey (TÜHİD).

Furthermore, in 2018, Enerjisa was presented the 'Best Energy Management' award during the International CSR Excellence Awards organised with the motto of 'Companies With A Heart'.

I Protect My Energy Mobile Application
Use of digital channels was also integrated into the "I Protect My Energy" Social Responsibility Project to reach higher number of students nationwide. Through the website of the project (www.enerjimikoruyorum.org) and "I Protect My Energy" mobile application, children can play an energy efficiency game and get information on the energy resources of the world, and learn how they can protect limited resources while enjoying the game. They build a new city with the assistance of Pozitip, "The Protector of Energy", and learn methods to save energy at every stage of the game, while building a smart city.