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Life at Enerjisa

We, the Energy of Turkey, put all our efforts for our country and lead the transformation process in our sector. We provide service to over 21.5 million users through 10.1 million customers in 14 cities.

We are proud to make investments that carry our country further to create value for all our stakeholders and achieve difference-making successes.

By leading in bringing the most competent human resources and highest service quality into the energy sector, we have the goal to increase the quality of life for all our stakeholders.

We consider our human resources as our biggest strength in the path leading to our target.

We build systems in which our employees are encouraged for continuous development, can show their skills, put forth their potentials and be appreciated for making a difference with the human resources investments we achieve with this mentality.

Through these systems, we have the goal to provide our employees a pleasant and meaningful work environment, where we also make them, the Enerjisa team, experience our common culture and values.

Because we are the Energy of Turkey with the power we get from Enerjisa employees.

Our most significant duty is to provide a safe environment for our employees, contractors, customers and the people. Hence, Enerjisa Senior Management and employees work together for Health and Safety and expect everyone who joins the family to share the same responsibility.

We are aware that every accident is preventable when the necessary safety measures are taken. At Enerjisa, we all share the responsibility to take these measures.

At Enerjisa, we know that each and every one of us creates variety in the company and we value diversity. Hence, we always work together to overcome challenges in terms of "inequality" in all areas, which is one of the most deep-seated problems in business life. We make a point of creating value in terms of equality, particularly in the areas of "women, people with disabilities, age and location" which we have determined as priorities.

Hence, we are all aware that everyone has the right to develop and work in order to support their lives without discrimination based on their genders, physical conditions, ages and where they live.

Wings Up
We believe that societies in which women and men are equal lead us to happiness and success.

Therefore, we support gender equality in business life and work to create balance, power, equality and unity within the society.

Our Wings Up program has the goal to enable our women and men become aware of their own talents and power; and create difference in their business and private lives.

We have the purpose of strengthening the egalitarian perspective in the society starting from Enerjisa through the Wings Up.

We care about contributing to the country's economy with our activities and to society with our social responsibility works. Hence, we carry out social responsibility projects in order to create sustainable value in society and we receive the biggest support from our employees.

The Energetic Hearts platform brings suggestions from our employees to life, again with their voluntary supports.
We are more than happy to bring new projects to life thanks to the interests and supports of our employees for our social responsibility projects.

Vocational High School Coaches Program

We have been participating the Vocational High School Coaches Programme, a volunteering-based programme, with Private Sector Volunteers since 2012. As part of the programme, volunteering Enerjisa employees provide group coaching to the 10th and 11th grade students of vocational high schools. Ongoing for two years with a separate personal development topic at each gathering, the programme has the goal to raise awareness of high school students. Volunteering Enerjisa coaches who are also participating in the programme undertake social responsibility to serve the society.

EN-BIZ Project

Designed as a social responsibility project for persons with disabilities, the EN-BIZ Project at Enerjisa distribution companies includes various personal development and training programmes to strengthen the social participation of persons with disabilities. Participants can also be recruited in the event of any vacancies.