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Company Profile

Working Principles/Ethical Statement

Enerjisa Enerji has a culture that undertakes the requirements of its reputation, reliability and acting responsible at every step. We create a difference in all fields we operate in line with our common values that we are proud to share and common achievements offered by these values.

Acting in compliance with the culture of Enerjisa Enerji is our joint responsibility to protect the high prestige of Enerjisa before our customers, employees, shareholders and the society. Enerjisa Enerji Business Ethics is a guide to sustain the culture.

At Enerjisa Enerji, we are committed to monitor and implement these ethics built over our well-established culture that gathers us on a common ground in all our operations.

Please click to access the ENETIK rules of Enerjisa.

Telephone: 0 (216) 579 09 14
Address: Enerjisa Enerji İç Denetim Başkanlığı, Nida Kule Batı 1/1 Ataşehir 34746, İstanbul
E-mail: ENETIK@enerjisa.com

Enlightenment regarding Protection of Personal Data: Since the calls and e-mails are kept and stored within the scope of the Enetik Alert Line application, your voice recording in case of calling Enetik Alert Line, your e-mail address in case of mailing to enetik@enerjisa.com and also any personal data that you will share in the call or e-mail will be processed by Enerjisa Energy due to the reason it is necessary for the legitimate interest of the data controller, provided that your fundamental rights and freedoms are not harmed. The processed data will be stored electronically with all security measures and confidentiality and it will not be shared with any employee or any third party other than the Head of Internal Audit Department. Within the scope of Article 11 of the Law on Personal Data Protection, you can forward any request regarding your personal data by calling the Enetik Notification Line or by sending an e-mail to ENETIK@enerjisa.com