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Career at Enerjisa

We focus on the best, the most efficient and collectively adopted Human Resources procedures and practices that touch people with the vision of "being the continuously preferred employer in the industry and within Top 15 in all industries".
Our purpose is to offer a pleasant and meaningful career journey to our employees through these practices as of the day they are recruited.

Rota Career Management Program
With ROTA Career Management program, we provide our employees the opportunity to progress in various fields by offering them diversified career paths. As part of the program, we offer our employees various career paths including managerial path and individual contribution path by taking into account their career expectations as well as the requirements of the organisation.

Thus, our employees are able to enhance their expertise by proceeding on the individual contribution path in line with their career expectations and improving themselves in terms of team management.
With ROTA, Enerjisa also offers its employees the opportunity of transfer between the career paths according to the changing requirements.

Recognition, Appreciation and Reward Management
In line with our Reward Management strategy, our purpose is to reward high performance, our employees' contributions to the business and their competencies with a fair, transparent, flexible and competitive approach.

We support our employees with Recognition, Appreciation and Reward System, as well as Salary and Side Benefits practices which provide financial and social security for our employees who have contributed in the growth strategy of Enerjisa and their families by setting apart high performance and success.

Recruitment at Enerjisa
We attach importance to our friends who join the big Enerjisa team having personal characteristics that are in harmony with the Enerjisa values as much as their technical and behavioral competencies that are required for the position.

As part of our principle of equal opportunity, we try to recruit people who have the required competencies and technical knowledge as well as the characteristics to comply with our corporate culture.

We make use of various tools, such as various inventories according to the requirements, competency-based interviews, foreign language tests, case study presentations, assessment centre applications, etc., during our globally recognised recruitment process, in which we attach priority to candidate experience and majority of which is carried out digitally.

Internship at Enerjisa
We, the Energy of Turkey, make a point of serving the community we are a member of. We gather this power thanks to the contribution of everyone regardless of their age, gender or position. Therefore, we place emphasis on our internship program, not only because it provides new generations with the opportunity to get to know business life, but also due to its contribution to our country.

We want to see all young talents among us who consider internship experience not only as a career step but also a part of their individual development.

ENTER Engineer Candidate Programme:

We offer various opportunities to fourth-year and post graduate electrical and electronics engineering students to experience the energy sector and Enerjisa Distribution processes through the Enter programme, which is our new generation talent management program. Throughout the programme which lasts for one year, engineer candidates are appointed to internship positions at sections called Investment Way, Customer Way and Network Way in rotation, which provide them information on all engineering positions during the distribution process. Furthermore, engineer candidates are also provided mentorship support by the talent coaches assigned to each of them; hence, get the opportunity to discover their areas of interest. At the end of the one-year programme, several engineer candidates continue their careers at Enerjisa.
You can follow our vacant positions at Kariyer.net and Linkedin.