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Information Security

Information Security

Information Security and Personal Data Security
At Enerjisa, we always keep your personal data secure as per Personal Data Protection Law and only share your data with the related parties in compliance with the provisions of the legislation. Please click here for Policy on Information Security, click here for Enerjisa’s Policy on Protection of Personal Data and get further details.

In our daily lives, we can be targeted by cyberattacks that would like to steal our information or accounts. Cyberattacks can be listed as follows;

  • Phishing (deceptive e-mail messages that include contents to make it look real and ask you to click on various links or open attachments)
  • Fake links to websites listed on search engines
  • Unsecure ads and sponsor links on the websites
  • Text messages with fake contents and the links within
  • Fake applications to be downloaded from application stores
  • Fake phone calls from numbers that act and look as if they are from a call centre, but that do not belong to any companies/Enerjisa

For your safety;

  • No e-mails from Enerjisa will ever ask you for your password or personal information. Hence, even though it writes Enerjisa in the «sender» section, please do not send your personal information via e-mail.
  • E-mails from suspicious senders or with suspicious contents and deceptive e-mails sent to hack your personal information or accounts may state that you have a high billing amount and ask you to click on the link or open the attached file for billing details. Please do not trust these kinds of e-mails and do not open the attachments.
  • Fake websites designed to copy the real websites may ask your personal information. Please do not enter your personal data without checking SSL certification of the website address and links you visit/click.
  • Please do not trust on any text messages from unknown people and that request you to click on any links to activate your account, etc. and never click the given links.
  • Please only refer to official application stores (App Store for iPhones, Google Play for Androids) to download the Enerjisa Mobile application to your mobile phones and tablets. Never download any applications from any platforms other than the official application stores.
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  • Geçersiz cep numarası.
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