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Digital Transformation Model

As the first digital transformation model that received a patent protection in the field of energy in the world, E-TERNAL will enable us to create value for Our World, Our People, Our Business and Our Country together with all our stakeholders in the future, too, as it has been so far.

As our digital transformation model, E-TERNAL carries us from today to the future just like an aircraft engine that is and will continue to be the driving power of ENERJISA.

At the centre of our Digitalisation model, which touches our lives today and which will carry us into the future, there is the higher goal of our Company which includes Our World, Our People and Our Business as in everything we do.


Our reason for being strengthens every day with the global trends such as electrification and urbanisation while we progress by providing efficiency at every step we take.

We will be taking into account the trends which we call as 5D for energy sector in our long-term plans and positions we will take as well as in our digital transformation perspective.

The essence of our job consists of 4 main structures located on our inner wings and each of these structures has 3 dimensions, totalling to a model made of 12 dimensions.

In order to move forward into the future, we connected more than 500 new digital initiatives with these dimensions and paved the way we want to take in the long run.

The frame that holds all these wings together consists of Employees and Culture while we proceed with a focus on data-oriented organisation by imagining the impacts of the future on our job and on our way of doing business in the future ahead of time.

As with all the works we do, we will continue to take every step by considering sustainability as our higher frame.