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Company Profile

Environmental Policy

At Enerjisa Enerji A.Ş., we carry out all our business activities, including our distribution and retail business lines in particular, in line with the following fundamental principles:

  • We fulfil our legal and other obligations related to the environment.
  • While performing our activities, we adopt the principles of sustainable development and prevention of pollution at the source.
  • By reducing the wastes from our activities at the source as much as possible, we ensure that wastes are recycled, recovered and disposed without causing any harm to the environment.
  • We contribute in the fight against climate change. We conduct activities to reduce energy consumption, increase energy efficiency, and decrease our greenhouse gas emissions in this regard.
  • We have the goal to efficiently use water, one of our significant natural resources, and continuously reduce the required amount of water consumed for our activities.
  • We monitor and try to reduce our air and wastewater emissions from our activities. We abide by the legal requirements associated with waste water quality.
  • We attach utmost significance to the directly and indirectly preservation of the biodiversity in all fields we operate.
  • We set measurable goals associated with the environment; regularly assess our performance in terms of these goals; hence, continuously improve our environmental management system.
  • We consult to our employees, customers, business partners, investors and other stakeholders besides our senior management while identifying the methods and goals of our environmental management system.
  • We have the goal to raise, disseminate and sustain awareness on environment throughout the Company.
  • We encourage our entire business network, our employees, suppliers and business partners in particular, to sustain their activities in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • If we plan procuring products-services with substantial environmental aspects, we identify the required environmental conditions in compliance with the principle of lifecycle and inform our suppliers accordingly. Thus, we contribute to the improvement of the environmental performances of our suppliers.
  • We carry out activities to raise awareness of all stakeholders in the energy sector on environment with the responsibility of our position in the sector and the goal to become a leading company in the sector in this respect.
  • All our activities are mainly guided by ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard.
  • As part of the Environmental Management System, we ensure that our environmental policy is monitored and audited.

The Sustainability Committee built under Enerjisa Enerji regularly meets; reviews the Environmental Policy as well as the environmental performance and makes decisions; and reports to the Board of Directors.

We regularly share the environmental performance that we constantly monitor in line with the Environmental Policy with our stakeholders through Sustainability Reports. We define the material environmental issues in line with the stakeholder analyses and sector-related local and global trends. We consider the material issues identified in terms of environment while developing and revising the Environmental Policy.

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