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The Policy of Enerjisa on Protection of Personal Data

The Policy of Enerjisa on Protection of Personal Data


Protection of personal data regulated as a constitutional right and providing legal protection are of great significance in terms of fundamental rights and freedoms. We are aware of our responsibility and attach capital importance to the safe and secure use of the personal data. Protection of the personal data that you have shared with us pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Law numbered 6698 (PDPL) and the use of the provided information in accordance with the PDPL are among our top priorities. Thus, we would like to detail the procedures in processing your personal data and your rights thereof.

Your personal data shall only be processed, recorded, stored, updated pursuant to PDPL and shared with third parties to the extent permitted by the legislation.

1. Collecting and Processing Personal Data
Only your personal data that you provide in your contract (“Contract”) with Enerjisa for electric power supply and in verbal, written and/or electronic form during the contract negotiations shall be processed. Personal data you provide shall be used for providing services as part of the contract and improving the quality of these services; carrying out sales and marketing activities of the company as well as the activities anticipated and/or deemed exceptional by the related legislation, electricity market legislation in particular, and public authorities; fulfilling the liabilities regarding data storing, reporting and disclosure. Moreover, your personal data shall also be used for profiling/segmentation activities to be carried out for sales and marketing operations and to improve the quality of the service we offer.

2. Storing Data and Data Security
Your personal data shall be stored as long as data processing purposes prevail. In the event that the data shall be stored for purposes related to reporting or disclosure to legal authorities as well as relevant public institutions, data shall be stored in compliance with the legal periods required. Necessary security measures are taken to prevent the loss of stored, recorded data, avoid unauthorised parties to collect the data and protect the data against illegal use.

3. Sharing Data
Unless we have your explicit consent, your personal data shall not be misused or shared with third parties nationwide or abroad, except for legal obligations and public institutions. Your explicit consent that you may either provide by a voice record or in a printed or digital environment such as your written consent in a Contract/permission form shall be required to share and process your personal data with Hacı Ömer Sabancı Holding companies, Enerjisa group companies and third parties that we collaborate or are provided service to carry out our operations and improve our service quality.

4. Rights Related to Personal Data Protection
As per the provisions of PDPL, you may apply to Enerjisa/Data Controllers as from October 7, 2016 and request;

  • Information on whether or not your personal data is processed,
  • Further information if your personal data is processed,
  • Information on the purpose of processing your personal data and if your data processed is misused,
  • Information on whether or not your personal data is transferred; and if transferred, to which 3rd parties the data is transferred,
  • The personal data to be revised if there is any information missing or incorrect,
  • The personal data to be deleted in line with the legislation,
  • The personal data transferred to the third parties to be revised, deleted,
  • Your damages to be compensated in the event of any damages due to illegal processing.

Please e-mail to musteriiliskileri@enerjisa.com to get further information regarding your rights related to personal data protection.

5. Revisions in Data Privacy Principles
The principles shared here can be revised due to the amendments in the related legislation. In the event of such revisions, the related information shall be announced on our website; hence, please visit our website regularly to get information on any revisions.

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