Daha iyi bir kullanıcı deneyimi için internet tarayıcınızı tam ekran olarak kullanınız.

I think my bill is not accurate, my bill is high / low. Why could this be? What should I do?
Your consumption may differ depending on the seasonal changes or your bill may cover more than one reading period. Please check and compare your daily average consumption of the bill you think is high or low and the daily average consumption of your previous bills. If you still think your bill is not accurate, please apply to the nearest service point or call our Enerjisa Call Centre on 444 4 372 and file an application. You can also file your request by filling out an objection form through Online Service Centre or Enerjisa Mobile application. Furthermore, you can check your previous consumptions and compare your energy consumption with the average energy consumptions in your area through Enerjisa Mobile application.
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