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Solar Energy

Enerjisa, a solution partner in Solar Power Plants (SPP), creates a special business model for your company, undertakes the investment and performance risks and ensures that your business saves energy!

Energy Performance Model with Enerjisa

Performance Is Our Responsibility

While our customers focus on their own areas of operation, we, at Enerjisa, provide end-to-end solution. At Enerjisa, we undertake the design, installation and commissioning of your power plant and ensure high performance.

While we provide financing through our Energy Performance Model, we assume both technical and operational risks. We offer an effective solution for the energy management of organisations/companies in public and private sectors. We also carry out operation and maintenance works for the project, and take the performance responsibility throughout the Energy Performance Contract (EPC). We always manage to be stand by our customers thanks to our expert team and well-established corporate structure.

Initial Investment Financing From Our Party

Like any large-scale investment, a well-designed financial plan and cost-effective financial resources are needed in SPP (Solar Energy Power Plants) investments. With our Energy Performance Model, Enerjisa uses its financial power and saves you from seeking financing for SPP investment; hence, Enerjisa enables you to carry out multiple investments at the same time without affecting your cash flow. Thus, our business model, which we have created together by taking into account the requirements of our customers, offers a long-term collaboration to ensure that you remain financially secure and that you do not miss out the opportunity of benefitting from your SPP installation.

Savings-Oriented Solution

By installing the solar energy power plant, you can generate the energy you require at the location of consumption and establish a savings-oriented ecosystem. The generation capacity of each power plant varies according to several variables, including location, contract installation capacity.

You can position your company among the companies that generate their own energy by installing a SPP capacity suitable for your business.

Applicable to Every Scale and Industry

In addition to the ever-increasing energy requirement, the prevalence and importance of solar energy-based energy generation practices in order to meet the self-consumption requirements are also increasing. We are trying to offer an applicable energy solution to organisations/companies operating at any industry and scale that have high energy consumption. You can access from here the success stories of our references that have applied for the solution partnership of Enerjisa to generate their own energy. We are proud of every project we carried out and we continue to follow each and every step of them.

Customer Stories

360-Degree Solution Partner in Energy

At Enerjisa, our main goal is to offer a solution partnership with the assurance of our expertise. We gather all your energy requirements under one roof and provide a 360-degree solution partnership together with our customers in energy.

We analyse your requirements beginning with our exploration visit to your company, and we offer customised energy-saving-oriented solutions for you to benefit.

We undertake every step that requires expertise, including getting the necessary legal permissions to become a renewable energy generator, directing you to grants and incentives that you can benefit from financially, periodical maintenance and repair responsibility following the installation; and, we have the goal to enable you focus on your own business activities and feel safe.

A Sustainable, Environmentally-Friendly & Renewable Energy Solution

The sun is an environmentally-friendly energy resource and using its energy, no carbon emission occurs during generation. When you benefit from the potential of the sun, you will benefit financially from the savings you will get with the power plant investment, while also contributing greatly for a sustainable world.

When you complete the energy conversion in your company, you will become a solar energy generator, reduce your dependence on widely used fossil fuels, prevent carbon dioxide emissions, decrease your carbon footprint, and be listed among the green companies.

It is priceless to contribute to leaving a cleaner world to the next generations by using solar energy. With the corporate social responsibility value to be created, you will assume the responsibility that all segments of society expect from businesses, increase your reputation and add value to your brand.

Prestigious References from Various Sectors

The number of customers that benefit from our end-to-end energy solutions regarding SPP and that we undertake the energy consultancy services are increasing day by day. Find out more about our customers, who add strength to our power, under our references section. Join forces with Enerjisa, and get support from this power to meet your energy requirements.

What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is the conversion of the sun rays into electrical energy using special technologies. Solar energy is the most abundant and clean energy in the world. It does not pollute the environment and is noiseless. Solar energy is a renewable and sustainable energy.

Although solar energy accounts for only a small portion of the overall global energy consumption today, the cost of installing solar panels has been decreasing. Thus, businesses that would like to generate their own energy are increasing day by day and solar energy is used in more and more companies.

How Do Solar Power Plants Work?

The Sun is more than just a source of light during the daytime. Each particle of sunlight -photons- that reaches the Earth contains energy that feeds our planet. Solar panels convert solar energy into usable electricity through a process called photovoltaic effect. The electricity generated is consumed in the related consumption facility.

In theory, the sun rays hitting the Earth per hour are enough to meet the needs of the entire world for almost a year. There are several methods to benefit from solar energy.

The most common is solar panels. Solar energy power plants are installed with solar energy panels. Solar energy is transformed into electricity through solar panels.

Solar Power Plants Installation

At Enerjisa, we carry out your SPP projects in 3 phases:

Exploration, proposal and installation. Our teams pay a visit to the related site and conduct a preliminary analysis. Then, Enerjisa develops customised solutions for you, designs these solutions and offers business models based on performance. Once the proposal is approved by your party, our Company carries out the project designed meticulously and using its know-how. Furthermore, with the Enerjisa guarantee, we undertake the maintenance works of your power plant throughout the contract period without demanding any extra cost.

Let’s find out the details of the aforementioned three phases of SPP installation:

1. Exploration

During the exploration phase, how much sunlight the area where your facility is located receives, the amount of energy consumption of your facility and whether or not your roof or land is suitable for the installation of solar panels are inspected. Hence, our expert teams visit your facility and conduct site surveys and explore. Our teams determine the generation capacity depending on the area to be installed, the power plant design and other factors during the site survey. They calculate the potential generation capacity of the power plant via simulation programs recognised all over the world.

2. Proposal

If the documents required during the exploration phase are shared and the prerequisites are fulfilled for solar energy power plant installation, we develop a customised solution, design the project and draw a contract that refers to the performance specific to the project.

Energy Performance Model guarantees the performance of your solar energy power plant. We share the financial advantages of the solar energy power plant installation for your business according to your future business expansion projections.

We, at Enerjisa, finance the investment required for energy conversion or become a partner in the financing of your investment depending on the request and conditions. We, as your solution partner, receive monthly payments throughout the contract period, over the amount determined by the Energy Performance Contract (EPC) signed as part of the ESCO model. Thus, you will be relieved from the heavy burden of financing the initial investment, and get the opportunity to shift your investments to other areas.

Enerjisa prepares a long-term repayment model as part of Energy Performance Contract Model (EPC) based on the anticipated savings, and guarantees the performance of the replaced or rehabilitated equipment.

3. Installation

We enable your power plant to get ready for operation, including the proposal, contract, licensing procedures and installation, in a short period of time, such as 6-8 months. Moreover, we undertake project design and technical consultancy services without requiring any additional charges. We assume the maintenance and repair of the SPP throughout EPC and do not incur any additional costs.

Is Your Company Eligible to Use Solar Energy?

Various factors determine whether or not it will be efficient to install solar panels to your business. One of the most significant factors is how much sunlight the area of your facility receives. The current electricity consumption of your business and whether your roof and/or area is suitable for the installation of solar panels is also important. For instance, while the installation can be easy on the roofs and areas of some facilities, it can be difficult to install solar panels on steeply-sloping roofs and areas.

How much sunlight the area where your business is located receives

Energy consumption amount of your business, the power mentioned in the electricity subscription agreement

Whether the type and size of the roof and/or area type is suitable for the installation of solar panels.


Evaluate the suitability of your business for solar energy power plants according to the below-mentioned questions. If you reply “Yes” to some of the questions below, please contact our teams.

  • Will the solar energy power plant installation help my business achieve its financial and sustainability goals?
  • Is my facility suitable for solar energy consumption? (Do the designated installation location, strength, radiation, slope, area, etc. meet the requirements in the relevant regulations?)
  • Is the ratio of electricity expenses high in my operating costs?
  • Will it be advantageous for my company to become environmentally-friendly?

What is an Energy Performance Contract with Enerjisa, How Does It Work?

EPC is a contract based on energy savings to be achieved following project implementation. EPC predicts the amount of savings you will get from solar energy conversion and draw up a repayment plan based on the performance of the system.

The contract signed based on the EPC model directly depends on the energy savings achieved, and thus, the performance. EPC determines your monthly payments to Enerjisa depending on the performance of the solar energy power plant throughout the contract period. Our Company takes the responsibility of the operations throughout the contract period.

At Enerjisa, we determine whether or not your business is suitable for solar energy conversion. Unless there is a problem in the complying and required conditions, we develop a long-term payment model based on the savings projected as part of the EPS; and, we guarantee the performance of the replaced or rehabilitated equipment.

With EPC, we provide the required financing for the investment of the solar energy conversion or become a partner in your investment financing. We perform the energy inspections in your facilities, offer solutions, design the project, offer a contract (EPC) compatible with this project and implement the project meticulously. In other words, we undertake the required technical and financial risks, and perform the operation and maintenance of the power plant free of charge.

The terms of payments we will get in return for our service are defined in the EPC. The goal is to adjust the payments to be less than the electricity savings achieved throughout the project. (EPCs are drawn for a minimum of 4-10 years depending on the project.) In other words, you will continue saving throughout the contract period.

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