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Documents required for subscription termination processes;

  • Any one of the subscription number, utility number / singular code or meter serial number belonging to the business place you will complete discharge processes for
  • If you wish to receive the refund for your security deposit through a bank, you can provide IBAN information regardless of the bank.
    The IBAN information you provide shall belong to a checking account number in your name.
    *Your security deposit can also be transferred to PTT or can be paid in person.
  • A valid ID of the authorised person
    It will be checked only to verify; and then returned

    If the real / legal person to carry out the procedure is different, authorisation document from company's board of directors or Power of Attorney / Circular of Signature, company seal depending on the situation

    If you have all the required information, you can carry out your process through the channel of your preference!
  • I want to proceed with Enerjisa Mobile Application*
    Download our application and login to complete your procedures!

  • To proceed with Enerjisa Online Services Centre, please click here.*
  • To proceed with e-Government, click here. *
  • If you want to proceed via the Call Centre, please call 444 4 372 *
  • If you want to visit Enerjisa Customer Service Centre to carry out the procedures, click here.
***This channel cannot be used except for personal applications (except real persons, private companies and joint tenancies).
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