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Thanks to Enerjisa and Aksigorta collaboration, an exclusive Workplace Insurance privilege is offered to SMEs as a gift!

As part of the related coverages* to insure our esteemed Eligible Consumer SME Customers with the Workplace Insurance that we present as a gift as a result of our collaboration with Aksigorta, you can benefit the Workplace Insurance offered for free to take necessary measures against any risks that may emerge at your workplace.

The following coverages will be valid for the two products offered with limits of 10,000 TL and 40,000 TL.

 Subject of Main Coverage  Percentage of Main Coverage Amount  Exemption
 Fire (Place and Contents) 100% No Exemption
 Strike, Lockout, Civil Commotions  100% 200 TL Exemption for each damage.
 Malicious Acts Wilful Misconduct  100% 200 TL Exemption for each damage.
 Land-Air Vehicles Collision 100% 200 TL Exemption for each damage.
 Flood and Inundation 100% 200 TL Exemption for each damage.
 Internal Water Limited by 500 TL 200 TL Exemption for each damage.
 Theft 100% 200 TL Exemption for each damage.
 Smoke 100% 200 TL Exemption for each damage.

Terms & Conditions:

  • The promotion is only available to Business and Industrial type subscribers referred to as Eligible Consumers.
  • As part of the promotion, two products with limits of 10,000 TL and 40,000 TL shall be offered. Our sales representatives will inform you about the limits, which will also be indicated in the certificate of participation that will be e-mailed by Aksigorta.
  • The Workplace Insurance will become active as from the beginning of your Electricity Retail Contract provided that the information stated in the contract is accurate and complete and electricity supply is initiated.
  • In the event that the declared address does not belong to your Workplace, insurance policy shall not be issued; even if issued, you shall not be entitled to benefit from the rights provided by the policy.
  • Together with the electricity contract signed, the insurance policy will be valid for 1 year.
  • Please contact Aksigorta Call Centre on 444 27 27 for any damage notification and further details on the policy. The Customer shall directly inform Aksigorta regarding the notifications of claims.

*Enerjisa gives Workplace Insurance for free as a gift; hence, does not bear any liability for the subject product and service.