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Customer Services

Which Channels To Use For Which Transactions?

You can complete your subscription, termination, application, payment processes in the comfort of your home without the need to visit the service points. Please find below which processes can be handled 24/7 via our Enerjisa Mobile application and Online Services Centre, as well as other channels.

  Subscription    Termination    Security Deposit Refund*     Applications    Invoice Payment     Debt Inquiry    
Call Center 444 4 372   
Online Services Centre   
Enerjisa Mobile     ✓
Customer Services Centres     ✓
Enerjisa Transaction Centres     ✓
Contracted Banks       
Post Office           

* Your security deposit is refunded to the IBAN you provide through related channels. Refunds are made to the IBAN numbers to be notified during the termination process via the Online Services Center and Enerjisa Mobile / also a refund request can be made using the application process.