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When will my electricity service shut off if I don't pay my bill?
In case the debts of non-eligible consumers and consumers within the scope of last resource supply are not paid on time, consumer is notified both with written notification and sms/e-mail sent to consumer’s registered mobile phone and e-mail address including the payment period of 5 working days. If the payment is not made at the end of 5 working days, the electricity of the consumer is shut off. According to Article 52 of the Electricity Market Consumer Services Regulation, the electricity of single usage point of residential consumers over age 65, who submit a health board report proving they have over 40 percent disability, and Martyrs' Families and Veterans who has retail sales contract on their behalf may be shut off in case invoices of related consumers are not paid on time for three consecutive months in a year with all the notifications made by the incumbent firm. You can check and update your registered mobile phone and e-mail information by contacting our Enerjisa Call Center at 444 4 372, Enerjisa Online Services Centers, Enerjisa Transaction Centers, Enerjisa Mobile application or our nearest Customer Service Centers.
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