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We support the steps to accelerate the transition to free market structure.

December 23, 2016

We support the steps to accelerate the transition to free market structure.

Regarding EMRA's reduction of the eligible consumer limit, Enerjisa CEO Kıvanç Zaimler said "fully liberalized and competitive market will provide massive opportunities for both the industry and electricity consumers."

The Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) has reduced the eligible consumer limit to to 2,400 kWh for 2017. By the reduction of the limit which was 3,600 kWh previously, the number of eligible consumers which was 2.6 million previously, will be 8.4 million. The subscribers who recive electricity bills over 82 TL will be able to be free consumers.

In his assessment of EMRA's new regulation, Enerjisa CEO Kivanc Zaimler drew the attention to the importance of this step about liberalization which is one of the top agenda items of the energy industry. Zaimler said "First of all, we positively consider EMRA's decision about the eligibility limit which is one of the most important indicators of market liberalization. From now on, we believe that all our industry stakeholders should support the steps that need to be taken for the transition to fully liberalized market, and that we, as electricity supply companies, should accomplish our responsibilities ".


Zaimler stated that as Enerjisa, they are ready for a competitive structure that the liberalized market will bring along and added "As the leading and pioneering brand of the electricity energy industry, we offer all our customers who are free consumers with special tariffs for their needs as well as products and solutions we will provide which will make their lives easier and add value in the new period. We believe that a fully liberalized and competitive market formation will provide advantage for the industry in general, but for our customers mostly."