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To Reshape Turkish Citizen's Relationship with Electricity

Speaking at the press conference to introduce the new brand identity with the motto "Enerjisa, Energy of Turkey" Sabanci Holding Chairman Guler Sabanci said "We deem it very positive that the government program allocates particular emphasis on energy sector. Turkey is ready for a reform process and for four years of uninterrupted governance period".

Enerjisa CEO Yetik K. Mert “our aim is to reshape Turkish citizens’ relationship with electricity by means of our new face of our brand and by our need-specific services.”

Enerjisa, Turkey's leader and a pioneering energy company, generating electricity with an installed power of 2,500 MW, providing electricity for almost 20 million people in 14 provinces and offering innovative solutions to 9 million customers, introduced its new brand identity to its consumers.

Speaking at a press conference held at the Sabancı Center, Sabanci Holding Chairman Guler Sabanci, "We, as Enerjisa are the leading and the pioneering player in this sector. With this responsibility, we are opening a new era focusing on the customer in the liberalizing electricity market.

In today's world, one of the most uncontrollable trends is urbanization, and consequently emerging electrification and digitalization. Energy, being strategically important in terms of the quality of life for communities and for a healthy functioning of the economy, maintains its priority to be one of the main items on the agendas worldwide. Energy sector will stand out predominantly on the agendas of the climate meetings to be held at the end of this month in Paris, which are very important regarding the future of our world. With the increasing importance of electricity leads us to focus more on new technologies, practices and business models in terms of reaching out for a beter future of energy.

The importance and the role of consumers in energy increase, new consumer-centric approaches and practices become prevalent. When we consider Turkey, our installed power is doubled in the last 10 years which is driven mostly by private sector! Many generation and all distribution related privatizations have been realized. By the leadership of Ministry of Energy and EMRA, very important steps in the liberalization of the electricity market are taken. Electricity sector investments reached up to 60 billion dollars within the last 10 years. We, as Sabancı Holding together with our partner E.ON, invested 11 billion dollars out of this amount in Enerjisa. With this investment, a great transformation has been experienced and a new industry was born. Energy policies, practices and the trust to the leaders of that sector has played significant role regarding the investments to that sector.

Now; we have to accelarete "liberalization" steps in this sector, and must move forward to build a market focused more on consumer benefits! To achieve this, we expect the energy market regulations to be strengthened enabling competitiveness, transparency and predictability within the market. Yesterday, in the program announced by our Prime Minister, we saw that special emphasis was allocated to energy issues.

We are pleasured by the targets listed as energy efficiency, the formation of a competitive market, emphasis on domestic and renewable resources so that the citizens continuously reach quality and safe energy with minimal energy costs. We expect the detailed implementation plan of this program, particularly the steps to be taken within the first one hundred days. On this occasion, we would like to congratulate, starting with our Prime Minister, our newly established government, and our ministers. As Sabancı, as Enerjisa, we put human at the heart of our business and aim to serve for human. We are working with the belief that our citizens deserve the best of everything. Our goal is to provide our community with high global standards, and in accordance with that, to increase the quality of lives. We believe that energy is of standing out importance in this perspective. "Better energy future" We are working for. Therefore, we call Enerjisa as “Energy of Turkey". Enerjisa will continue to create value for all stakeholders as “Energy of Turkey in terms of all business areas from production to distribution, from trade to the retail trade through its innovative operations. I wish that Turkey's energy never declines."

We consider leading the change as our main responsibility.

Enerjisa CEO Yetik K.Mert stressed out that energy sector rapidly changes and develops which brings along new dynamics and new needs within the sector and said:

"As Turkey’s energy, we consider leading the change as our main responsibility. We, as Enerjisa, are opening a new era today in our industry. We are starting up a customer-oriented period in Turkish electricity sector. At the focus of all our activities in this new era, as always, there is still human. We know we keep a very important part of Turkish citizens’ daily lives with our energy. With this in mind, we produce special products and services for our 9 million customers from households and small or large scale businesses"

Stating that in creating the new brand identity of Enerjisa, they were inspired by the biggest energy source, Yetik K. Mert said, "We carried the light, the color of happiness and dynamism to our new face. We are reshaping Turkish citizens’ relationship with electricity via both our new brand identity and our need-specific designed servicesWe develop innovative products and services to our customers with the most advanced technologies to provide them a better service.”

Enerjisa’s 20 Years of Journey

Reminding that Enerjisa was first established as an autoproducer company in 1996, Yetik Kadri Mert stated that it is the leader of the energy sector today and said "With our confidence to the future of our industry advancing towards liberalization with firm steps, we have performed our investments. We started with a 120 MW product portfolio, today we have become Turkey's largest private sector producer of 2500 MW. We won the first privitization tender of energy market in Turkey which was opened in 2008. We started with Baskent EDAS. We acquired Ayedaş and Toroslar in 2013 and reached 20 million people in 14 provinces. We started our leadership journey together with 125 people, and now we continue our our pioneering operations with more than 9,000 employees. We are the only energy company which operates in so many diverse fields of activity and manages so large volumes. We utilize the most efficient and advanced technologies. All these factors enable Enerjisa to be Energy of Turkey."