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The Most Comprehensive Agile Transformation Journey of Energy Sector in Information Technologies Being Completed

Enerjisa Enerji geared up its activities to complete the Information Technologies Agile Transformation Project by the end of the year. Once the project is completed, the most comprehensive agile transformation movement will be completed.
Enerjisa Enerji, the leading public company in power distribution and retail in Turkey with majority of its shares belonging to Sabancı Holding and E.ON, continues its digital and technology transformation to shape its strategy and activities in line with the global trends. The Company geared up its activities to complete the most comprehensive Information Technologies Agile Transformation Project in the energy sector in Turkey by the end of the year. The project was initiated in 2018 with pilot teams and is carried on with a comprehensive scope.

Agile Structuring with a Particular Focus on Customers

Teams built as part of Agile Transformation serves to technological developments of services provided through physical and digital channels throughout all journeys beginning with the first encounter and continuing with invoicing and collection. Moreover, technological developments of site operations are provided by agile teams. One of the most significant factors in agile transformation is the teams amid functions consisting of work units, analysists and technology workers. The number of teams will be doubled till the end of the year and 75% of our employees will participate in agile transformation.

Enerjisa Energy defined 3 main goals while establishing the Agile Transformation teams. First of all, focusing on the accurate work to keep up with the changes in the operational field and swift delivery flow are provided. Then, a work environment where interaction is increased for the teams to work efficiently and including all stakeholders to the process effectively are ensured.

Customer Satisfaction Increase 16%

With the Agile Transformation developed to increase the work performance and quality while getting swiftly adapted to changes in the internal and external environments, increase in the frequency and quality of interaction as well as efficiency within and between the teams is provided. Periodical satisfaction measurements regarding the customers are carried out for measurements of the efficiency and satisfaction. At the end of 2019, an increase by 16% is achieved with the agile transformation in customer satisfaction.

We will create difference in the sector with Agile Transformation experience.

Mehmet Fırat, Head of Information Technology & Digital Business Management at Enerjisa Enerji A.Ş., stated: “At Enerjisa Enerji, we are aware of our responsibility towards our 21 million customers in 14 regions and all our employees. This is a heavy responsibility. With this in mind, we are in the process of the most comprehensive agile transformation in Information Technologies in Turkish energy sector with the Agile Transformation Project. Agility is an eco-system transforming approach and it is of critical importance for us to carry out right operations at the right time in a swift and high-quality manner and use resources efficiently in the rapidly changing energy sector. Our purpose in Agile Transformation to adapt changes in internal and external environments swiftly and achieve increase in our work performances and quality and transform into a self-organising, developing, productive and dynamic organisation that swiftly adapts to changes. With the pilot project, we increased the frequency and quality of interaction within and between teams; hence, increased efficiency. We believe the 16% increase in customer satisfaction that we achieved by the end of 2019 will increase more at the end of this year and we will create difference in the energy sector with our experience in transformation”.