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The gong rang for Enerjisa at Stock Exchange Istanbul

Enerjisa Enerji, being the pioneering and the exemplary company of Turkey started trading on Stock Exchange Istanbul as of February 8, 2018. Following the gong ceremony, Enerjisa Enerji, which went public with 20% of its shares through an IPO that has gone down in the history as the largest initial public offering of the private sector in Turkey and in which domestic and foreign investors showed great interest, started trading with ENJSA code.

The IPO of Turkey's leading energy company Enerjisa Enerji is completed by a historic record. Due to the public offering of Enerjisa Enerji, Energy Minister Berat Albayrak, Sabancı Holding Chairman Güler Sabancı and E.ON CEO Johannes Teyssen, Sabancı Holding CEO Mehmet Göçmen and Enerjisa CEO Kıvanç Zaimler and Stock Exchange Istanbul Chairman Himmet Karadağ participated in the gong ceremony which was held in Stock Exchange Istanbul. Enerjisa Enerji, which has gone public with 20% of its shares by the consortium leadership of Ak Investment, started trading with ENJSA code following the gong ceremony.

The largest initial public offering of the private sector in Turkey

4,8 times more demand was received for the IPO which has attracted great interest from strong domestic and foreign investors covering global investment companies such as Blackrock, Fidelity Management & Research, and Moon Capital as well. At the IPO for 20 % shares of E.ON and Sabancı Holding being the shareholders of Enerjisa, the total market value of the company was TL 7 billion 380 million. With this market value, Enerjisa Enerji has shattered a record with the largest private sector IPO held in Turkey.

Enerjisa has been a "pioneering" and "exemplary" company in Turkey

Speaking at the gong ceremony, Sabancı Holding Chairman Güler Sabancı stated that one of her dreams has come true with Enerjisa Enerji public offering, and said, "2005-2018 was a long journey. In my own perspective, I consider where we stand today as a dream come true."

Stating that Enerjisa Enerji has been a "pioneering" and "exemplary" company of Turkey, Sabancı said "Our responsibility of being 'exemplary' and 'pioneering' company in the energy business, increased with the public offering. I believe that Enerjisa's entire management team and employees will continue to work with this responsibility in the new term." Underlining the fact that Enerjisa Enerji is the 13th company of Sabancı Holding listed on the Stock Exchange Istanbul, Sabancı said:

"We are together on this very important day for the Sabancı Group. We just rang our gong, and as the 13th publicly listed company of Sabancı Group, Enerjisa shares started to be traded on the Stock Exchange Istanbul. Let's hope for the best!

Today is a historic day for both industry and our Group. We are living many firsts here. Enerjisa is the largest IPO of the private sector on TL basis, in Turkey. We are the first publicly listed company in distribution and retail business line as well. We are proud of being at that point where Enerjisa has reached through its good governance and successful performance. We, as Sabancı, have long seen the importance and the potential of energy for our country and for our future. Enerjisa is a 22-year-old company. With our interest and belief in this industry, we named our business in this area as Enerjisa in 1996. On our way where we started as a autoproducer in 1996, we set energy to be our main business line. The distribution privatizations in 2008 and 2013 have been the important milestones in Enerjisa's story.

Meanwhile, we also experienced ups and downs and difficulties. However, as a result of our efforts and our commitment, today Enerjisa has been a "pioneer" and "exemplary" company in Turkey. Through our belief in the potential of Turkey and the energy industry, together with our partner E.ON, we have been one of the leading investors of the energy industry in Turkey.

The vision and the leadership of the Ministry of Energy and the industry-leading steps of Energy Market Regulatory Authority have greatly contributed to the development of this industry, which has great potential. We worked with the belief that our country and our people deserve the best of everything. We have set the Sabancı mentality of quality and the customer focus as the center of our business. A new period in the energy sector starts, not only because of its economic dimensions but also in terms of the increase in the quality of life and standards of our people.

2005-2018 was a long journey. In my own perspective, I consider where we stand today as a dream come true. The potential of the industry has grown a lot with the increasing electrification and with the opportunities that new technologies bring along. Digital and mobile technologies dominate the spectrum of energy generation, distribution and final consumption. Grids, buildings, cities get 'smart'.

And today, we share the bright future promised by this high potential. This value which we created through our bright, dynamic and new generation human resources, our corporate governance mentality and financial power, has received 5 times more demand from the investors. We particularly appreciate the high demand we received from the domestic investors. We have increased our domestic allocation portion, from planned 15 percent, upto 24 percent in order to respond to the huge demand. I thank them for their trust in us and for being the partners of the bright future of Enerjisa. This trust also brings along an additional responsibility for us.

Our responsibility of being 'exemplary' and 'pioneering' company in the energy business, increases with the public offering. I believe that Enerjisa's entire management team and employees will continue to work with this responsibility in the new term.

Last but not the least, I would like to thank to almost 10.000 Enerjisa employees who make up the number one energy company of Turkey for all their efforts and wish them good luck. I hope that it will be beneficial for our country, for our industry and for Enerjisa."

“The public offering has crystalized the true value of the business”

Speaking at the gong ceremony, E.ON CEO Johannes Teyssen said the success of the public offering clearly demonstrated the confidence of the capital market in Enerjisa. Teyssen said " Today, we are proud to celebrate Enerjisa’s going public. We appreciate this milestone as a solid step for the Turkish electricity utility sector to access financing sources from a broader base. This is one of the largest IPOs in Turkey in the last years. The success of the IPO clearly shows that also the investors are convinced of the high growth potential in the electricity industry, which offers significant opportunities for investors and their confidence in Enerjisa. Huge demand of reputable international investors for our shares once more confirms our belief in the energy industry of Turkey. Enerjisa public offering has crystalized the true value of the business. Together with a highly experienced and results driven management team in an attractive business environment in Turkey and with the visible growth, Enerjisa’s success story will continue and it will always be at the heart of Turkey’s power sector."

“Our partnership with Sabancı is a great success”

Reminding that they are the partner of Enerjisa for more than 5 years, Teyssen listed E.ON's reasons to invest in Turkey, as follows: "E.ON has invested in Turkey and in Enerjisa because we believed in the expanding economy in Turkey and its growing electricity demand, the rapid urbanization and the young dynamic population, the strength of our local partner Sabancı and the robust and supportive regulatory framework. It was right to trust in these assumptions. The growth in the economy and the electricity demand have been the highest of all OECD countries. Urbanization has continued and Enerjisa employees have demonstrated the energy and commitment of the Turkish people."

Teyssen pointed out that their partnership with Sabancı was great success and said that they have been able to successfully combine E.ON’s energy technology and customer experiences from European markets, with Sabancı’s financial expertise and local knowledge. Teyssen added " We are talking about a great company that has gathered the trust of more than 9 million customers. We are proud to have developed with our partner Sabancı, our joint company Enerjisa. Together, we keep supporting the long term success of Enerjisa. We will continue to provide our strong industry expertise and strategic support. Enerjisa will build on its considerable achievements to date by reliable and economic energy supply with superior customer service which form the basis for meeting the needs of our customers."