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'Smart City Gaziantep Project' By Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and Enerjisa Collaboration

December 26, 2016

'Smart City Gaziantep Project'

By Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and Enerjisa Collaboration

Enerjisa, in cooperation with Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Civil Works Department, started the application of 'Smart City' in Gaziantep in Toroslar EDAŞ region. Within the scope of the project which will be realized with a budget of 3.6 million TL, next generation energy technologies will be introduced in the Fairy Park.

During the summer of 2016, Toroslar EDAŞ, one of the distribution companies of Enerjisa, started the "Smart City" model application in Gaziantep, which is one of the six cities in its electricity distribution district. The project, called 'KRİTA' (Project of Management of Critical Infrastructures in Intelligent Cities), which is coordinated together with Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Civil Works Department, will be a pioneer among the 'Smart City' projects with its holistic structure which will be introduced with the new generation energy systems.


The project, which is carried out by EMRA R & D fund and is planned to be completed in June 2018, will cost 3.6 million TL. Within the scope of the project, applications regarding the next generation energy systems will be realized at the 100th Year Atatürk Culture Park that has cafes, restaurants, playgrounds and thematic sections which is declared the most featured park by International Federation of Parks and Recreation Administration (IFPRA) in 2014. These applications will include upgrading and refurbishment of the electrical infrastructure, installations of solar energy production systems in the park, of the energy storage pilot system and of the electric charging infrastructure. In addition to these systems, smart lighting application with noise and motion sensors will also be realized within the park area.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin said that Gaziantep will be a pioneer city with its infrastructure that uses technology as well as its historical mission in the forthcoming period. Underlining the significance of the renewable energy, Şahin emphasized the importance of the studies on the efficient use of energy resources and added: "Our municipality which puts its signature under several leading projects considering energy management, energy efficiency and renewable energy, has expedites its efforts to develop projects for renewable energy generation from solar, wind and biogas sources. With Gaziantep which is one of the 10 fastest growing cities in the world, we are assertive about efficiency, development, innovation and smart city development. 'Smart City Gaziantep' project will carry our city forward; and will be an model for other cities of Turkey and the world. "

Murat Pınar, General Manager of Enerjisa Distribution Companies, in his assessment about the subject, said "We are a generation that grew up hearing the phrase 'stop inventing'. In this project we worked with our friends who invented; and our municipality has involved in this project as well. The Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) also supported the project. We have taken our people to the core of our business. We believe that we will be successful if all the work we do is focused on people ". Pınar pointed out that one third of the annual budget for the R & D work of 8 million TL will be used for the Smart City Gaziantep Project, stated: "We aim to bring Turkey the developed country standards in service quality with smart grid projects using the latest technology for the improvement of our network. We are carry the pride and responsibility of realizing pioneering works in our industry with our investments and R&D projects up until now. With our KRİTA project, which will be realized together with Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and will serve as a model for the industry and for international operations, the opportunity of using the latest generation energy technologies will be presented to the residents of the region. I believe that the project will be a milestone in terms of ensuring sustainable and quality energy. "


The project has 6 focal points.

  • Smart lighting: Intelligent lighting system to be installed in the project area, energy efficiency activities in public lighting will be carried out and public 4G internet service will be provided in the park area.
  • Electric transportation: By installing a fast charging infrastructure that supports electric public transport solutions, clean transportation systems will be introduced and tested in our cities.
  • Infrastructure solutions: Operations will be carried out to increase the electricity supply quality in the project area and to modernize the grid and the grid structure will be strengthened with the 'Energy Storage' unit.
  • Renewable solutions: 'Smartflower' products with solar tracking mechanism will be installed in the park area with high efficiency systems that generate renewable energy in the urban area.
  • Municipal solutions: Software platforms will be developed enabling coordination of municipality and infrastructure operators' activities in urban areas.
  • Internet of things: The developed software platform will provide integrated management of the systems that can be monitored instantly on the systems installed in the project area.