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Silver Effie Award for Enerjisa Brand Journey

May 12, 2016

With its integrated marketing campaign launched with "Energy of Turkey" motto, Turkey's leading and pioneering energy company Enerjisa is granted "Silver" award by Effie which is called to be the advertising Oscars in Turkey.

412 effective and influential campaigns competed in Effie which is called to be the Oscars of the Turkish advertising world. With its customer-oriented integrated marketing campaign that led the industry with a new vision, Enerjisa has won "Silver" award in Effie Advertising Effectiveness Awards 2016 organized by the Association of Advertising Agencies and Association of Advertisers.

Enerjisa, working for Turkey's energy, introducing 20 million population with electricty and serving innovative solutions for 9 million customers, has won the subject award for its advertising campaign which introduced public with its customer-oriented approach along with its new brand identity.

We are proud of providing the first Effie award to our industry

About this valuable award received, Enerjisa CEO Kıvanç Zaimler stated: "We have initiated our campaign to reshape the connection of Turkish people with electricity along with the new face of our brand, as well as with the tailor-made services we offer to our customers. We introduced a new approach to our industry with a visionary approach, we carry the light and the color of dynamism. This award is the best proof of the fact that we are on the right track and that we have made a worthwhile investment in our brand." Kıvanç Zaimler reminded of the increased role of the customers in the energy sector and their importance and said: "In Enerjisa, we are working for the new energy world and providing our industry with pioneering implementations with a customer-oriented vision. In our journey to become a trustwothy brand for our customers, we aim to be the playmaker of our industry in customer experience. We are proud of providing the first Effie award to our industry."