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'Saving Mode' Brings Awards to Enerjisa


Enerjisa won the gold prize in the Rich Media Display Advertisements category, the bronze prize in the Mobile Rich Media Display Advertisements category and the bronze prize in the Experimental and Innovative category at the MIXX Awards with its Saving Mode application that saves energy on all devices where Banner ads are broadcast.

Winners of the MIXX (Marketing and Interactive Excellence) have been announced, an international competition that supports the development of digital advertising. Shortlisted for three categories, Enerjisa won gold in the Rich Media Display Advertisements category and bronze in both the Mobile Rich Media Display Advertisements category and the Experimental and Innovative category, sweeping away with all the final awards. Enerjisa's energy-saving banner ads developed together with Mediacom and AMVG also qualified for MIXX Europe.

Using the slogan Save your Energy, Enerjisa prepared the world's first energy-saving digital advertisement. Enerjisa has won awards thanks to its Saving Mode App, which offers interactive energy saving via both desktop and mobile advertising spaces in the digital domains. The application brings extra savings with banner advertisements by using predominantly black backgrounds to ensure devices use as little energy as possible, and also contributes to savings by reducing screen brightness even on devices that do not support this model. All ads created with the app contain data that shows via the project-specific web service which device publishes what banner and how much energy each device consumes on average, allowing users to calculate energy saving from each published advertisement.

Under Enerjisa’s #saveyourenergy initiative during the special offer period, 5 million unique users have been reached to date through 25 million views using the award-winning Saving Mode application used both on the brand's web sites and on high-traffic websites. An energy saving of 750 kWh has been achieved through this innovative advertisement publishing method, enough to meet the energy needs of a school for two months.