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Reassignment on Enerjisa Management

Yetik K. Mert, who carried out various executive positions since 2003 and lastly has been CEO of Enerjisa since 2011, decided to leave his position as of 29th of February, 2016.

Enerjisa Board of Directors decided to assign Enerjisa Sales General Manager Kıvanç Zaimler as the new CEO of Enerjisa, effective from 1st of March, 2016.

Mehmet Göçmen, Chairman of Enerjisa Board of Directors, made the following statement about reassignment:

“Under the leadership of Yetik K. Mert, Enerjisa has been the leading and the pioneering company in its industry. During this term, Enerjisa became the largest private energy generator in Turkey. He designed and implemented innovative solutions for its 9 million customers, 20 million population in 3 distribution and retail sales regions. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I sincerely thank Yetik K. Mert, who had an invaluable contribution to Enerjisa on its way to become the “Energy of Turkey”. I wish him success with his next assignment."

Chairman of Enerjisa Board of Directors Mehmet Göçmen also congratulated Kıvanç Zaimler, who will take over the leadership of Enerjisa from Yetik K. Mert:

“As Sabancı and E.ON, we are very pleased to have our top executives raised within Enerjisa. We proudly announce Kıvanç Zaimler as the new CEO of Enerjisa, who has joined the company in 2008, as the Commercial Director. This clearly shows that our human resource is one of our most significant values, which differentiate and move us forward.”

About Kıvanç Zaimler:

Kıvanç ZAİMLER graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Industrial Engineering in 1991 and began his career in 1992. He carried out various executive roles for Türk Elektrik Endüstrisi, RAM Foreign Trade Company and Aygaz until 2008. Afterwards he started working for Enerjisa as Commercial Director. In this position he was responsible for the coordination of Enerjisa’s Natural Gas Business. He held this position until 2013. Between 2013 and 2015, he carried out Enerjisa Distribution Companies General Manager role. He managed an organization that distributes electricity to 3 regions that serve to 9 million customers and a population of 20 million. He executed the restructuring of the Distribution Companies and their integration to Başkent EDAŞ. Lastly, Kıvanç ZAİMLER was General Manager of Enerjisa Sales Companies since August 2015. He is married and has a daughter.