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Organized by Enerjisa, “Energy of My Business Meeting” Held in Adana

Developing solutions that enhance the consumption of renewable energy with efficiency and saving-oriented products under the umbrella of Energy of My Business and attaching significance to the sustainability goals of its customers, Enerjisa Enerji gathered with business people at the event held in Adana and promoted its products.
With Sabancı Holding and E.ON SE as the main shareholders, Enerjisa Enerji, the leading company in electricity distribution and retail, 20% of which is publicly traded, offers solutions that enable its customers to save energy with its environmentally-friendly and renewable energy-based products under the umbrella of Energy of My Business. During the event held in Adana, Enerjisa Enerji gathered with business people and opinion leaders of Adana, and provided information about the products of Energy of My Business and their advantages.

Held at HiltonSA Adana on June 22 and hosted by Prof. Dr. Emre Alkin, the event attracted great interest from the senior executives of Adana Chamber of Industry and Adana Organized Industrial Zone member companies and brought together the representatives of these companies and Enerjisa Enerji executives. Following the opening speech of Ersin Esentürk, Vice Chairman of Enerjisa Müşteri Çözümleri A.Ş., Zeki Kıvanç, President of Adana Chamber of Industry, and Bekir Sütcü, President of Organized Industry, also gave speeches at the event.

The "Energy of My Business Meetings" will continue in other provinces, starting from Gaziantep, Diyarbakır and Konya, and business people and companies residing in the region will be informed about renewable energy practices.

Innovative, environmentally-friendly and saving-oriented projects thanks to Energy of My Business

The sustainability mentality and innovative products offered under the umbrella of Energy of My Business enable companies and industrialists to sustain the value created in various fields, particularly in economics, in the long term. Offering innovative products, Enerjisa Enerji reduces the investment costs of its customers; hence, the Company enables its customers to save from their investments, as well.

With the solutions offered as part of Energy of My Business, including electricity supply, sustainability service is provided in various fields, including solar energy systems, LED lighting conversions, energy efficiency practices and green energy certification, to facilitate the operations of institutions and organizations providing service in industry, public services, tourism and health sectors.

Increasing the consumption of renewable energy with the products offered under the umbrella of Energy of My Business, Enerjisa Enerji attaches significance to the sustainability goals of its customers and continues its activities for a greener world.

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