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New Electricity Distribution Grid Investment to Incik Region From Baskent EDAS

Baskent EDAS, assessing the need within its area of ​​responsibility, continues to offer solutions accordingly. Baskent EDAS, incorporates custom transformers at Incek and Haymana road region and provides more efficient electricity distribution grids structures without problems.

Baskent Electricity Distribution Inc. (Baskent EDAS), aiming to provide electricity distribution services of European standards to its customers, continues to create solutions for regional needs. Another feature of Incek and Haymana Road region, which is one of the most important and rapidly growing residential areas in Ankara, is the increasing number of custom transformers in parallel with the rapid development. That’s why the difficulties in the management, the maintenance and the follow-up of failures in terms of central management, lead to failures extensive power cuts. In order to eliminate the messy structure of the electricity grid and to enable it to be more efficient,​​ Baskent EDAS initiated the electricity infrastructure master plan in that area in September 2010. Within the frame of the master plan activities, an assessment was made taking the failure types that occur in the region and the customer complaints into consideration. These assessments revealed that custom transformers were too close to eachother, overhead power transmission lines were passing through wooded areas​​, some custom transformers were annulled from fuse protection and directly connected, the protection of low voltage panels were anulled and custom lines and systems were left out of maintenance. Following these detections, it was decided that it will be appropriate to cancel the custom transformers and enable the subject customers to subscribe to low-voltage electricty supply. In line with the master plan considering these findings and requirements, a master project was issued to use transformes which are in control and maintenance of Başkent EDAS instead of custom transformers.

The extensive part of this project is considered to be implemented within the 2011 investment program. As a matter of fact, the electricity distribution infrastructure in that area is being rearranged and irregular and unplanned custom transformers are being collected.

With this project, instead of 126 low-power custom transformers, installation of 77 higher power Başkent EDAŞ transformes varying from 630 to 1000 kVA will be realized in that area and 3 new distribution centers will be installed to ensure the supply continuity in the region.

The renewal of the special transformer substation projects at İncek and Haymana road region within the Başkent EDAŞ which has been started as of July 2011, is in rapid progress.

Baskent Electricity Distribution Inc.

Baskent Electricity Distribution Inc., serves about 3.3 million customers at one of Turkey's largest electricity distribution region, mainly in Ankara, Çankırı, Kırıkkale, Karabük, Zonguldak, Kastamonu, Bartin.

Enerjisa Electricity Distribution Company, resuming its operations under the joint venture of Sabanci Holding which is one of Turkey's largest industrial and financial conglomerates and Austria's energy leader Verbund, as of 28.01.2009, has acquired the operating rights of the Baskent Electricity Distribution Inc. through a block sale of 100% of shares.

Enerjisa, with an increasing the quality of service, aims to set Başkent Electricity Distribution Inc. an example service provider for Europe in terms of customer satisfaction and operational quality.