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Investment Surge From Enerjisa - Target 2015

Enerjisa, joint venture of the most valuable conglomerate of Turkey, Sabancı Holding and the leading power generation company of Austria, Verbund, aims to be the leading company of electricity production and distribution sector in 2015.

Enerjisa, company of the Sabancı Holding Energy Group, speeds up its investments with its shareholders the Austrian energy company Verbund in order to meet the needs of Turkey in energy sector leader. The biggest electricity production and transmission company of Austria, Verbund is a leader in hydroelectric power sector and also among the most profitable energy companies in Europe.

In the opening speech of the press conference held for the evaluation of Turkish energy sector and announcement of Enerjisa objectives in this context, Guler Sabanci, Chairman of Sabancı Holding, has underlined that energy is one of the key and strategically important business units which Sabancı Holding will focus on.

Ahmet Dorduncu, CEO of Sabanci Holding has declared that increase in energy demand rose over 9, 5% since the beginning of 2007, in comparison to the same period of last year. Dorduncu underlined that Sabanci Holding assessed this demand and defined the energy sector as one of the most important growth fields of the Group. Dorduncu said “We, as the pioneer of electricity sector, continue our operations fastly and decisively with our esteemed partner, Verbund in order to respond to the urgent need of Turkey, besides being a reference for other local and international investors”.

Michael Pistauer, CEO of Verbund, the leading energy provider of Austria, who owns 116 power power plants with 8300 MW capacity, producing 25,000 Gwh electricity per year has declared that Turkey is a growing market in energy sector. Pistauer added that they will decisively work on developing energy production, distribution, wholesale and retail operations, excluding nuclear power, in Turkey with Verbund’s strategic partner Sabanci Holding, the most valuable conglomerate of Turkey.

Selahattin Hakman, President of Energy Group of Sabanci Holding and Chairperson of Enerjisa has pointed that they are well- coordinated with their partner Verbund. Hakman explained that as Enerjisa, the future leader of the electricity sector, they have seen the critical status of energy supply, expected in coming years. By taking this into consideration, Hakman noted that they have the responsibility of acting fast and completing their projects in the short term. Hakman said “In order to meet electricity energy demand in the most safely and environmental friendly way, we are putting total 5000 MW capacity into operation until 2015 and reaching our leadership objective in the market swiftly”