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‘I’m Protecting My Energy’ Portal!


Enerjisa continues the ‘Energy Efficiency Trainings’ project which is being performed since 2010, with an expanding scope. The company has put www.enerjimikoruyorum.org web site into service most recently and is now working to raise awareness in children regarding energy efficiency.

Enerjisa aims to be a regional force in its sector in near future with the partnership of Sabancı Holding and world-leading energy expert E.ON and on the other hand, they continue social responsibility projects in the name of providing contributions to the community in a sustainable manner.

‘Energy Efficiency Trainings’ project that came alive for elementary school students through the motto ‘I’m Protecting the World’s Energy!’ has moved to internet with the establishment of www.enerjimikoruyorum.org web site. The initiated web portal also contains an energy efficiency game in addition to information regarding the project.

Through www.enerjimikoruyorum.org web site, a pleasant game is made out of the trainings that are shared with the children and realized under the framework of ‘Energy Efficiency Trainings’. are made an enjoyable game. As children play the energy efficiency game with pleasure, they also gain knowledge about the energy resources of the world and how they can preserve these limited resources. As a result of this interactive study towards raising awareness in children regarding energy efficiency and saving, the children are saying ‘I’m Protecting the World’s Energy!’ and become little ambassadors of growth. Additionally, they can download the game image through the sharing section inside the web site and play it at home.

About the Energy Efficiency Trainings

Energy Efficiency Trainings provided by Volunteering Enerjisa trainers have reached 173 thousand children in 203 schools so far. For these trainings to be able to reach children in a more effective way, Energy Efficiency Theater has gone live this year, which is prepared by professional theater artists and staged to the children who had received the training. Energy Efficiency Theater has reached more than 7 thousand children and had contributed to raising the awareness of energy efficiency.