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Golden Voltage Reward Is Awarded To Enerjisa Once Again This Year

In Turkish Energy Summit, Enerjisa is once again awarded the Golden Voltage reward which is awarded according to the social awareness performances of the companies.

5th of the Turkish Energy Summit which brings the biggest companies of Turkish energy sector together in different cities every year, was organized in Gaziantep this year. In the event that took place in Toroslar Region where Enerjisa undertook the electricity distribution and supply, senior management of Enerjisa was present and came together with bureaucrats and sector representatives on energy, environment and economy areas.

Enerjisa achieved the Golden Voltage reward in years 2010 and 2012, and achieved this reward once more this year, the reward being awarded after an assessment of the company’s works on social responsibility every year. Enerjisa continues its operations with the social responsibility projects being developed around environment, education and energy topics. Enerjisa makes a difference in the sector with its social responsibility approach, the company raised awareness in more than 170 thousand students about energy efficiency and environment and gave educational material support to thousands of students.

In the ceremony, Enerjisa’s reward is given by Mustafa Yılmaz, Head of Energy Market Regulatory Authority to Enerjisa’s CEO Yetik K. Mert.