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First international CSR Stevie Award of the industry is to Enerjisa

Enerjisa Wins the Stevie CSR Award

At the Stevie Awards this year, Enerjisa was awarded the Silver Stevie Award in the "European Social Responsibility Program of the Year" category. Murat Pınar, General Manager of Enerjisa Distribution Companies, said, "With the support of Enerjisa's Energetic Volunteers we succeeded to provide education about energy efficiency and saving for 208 thousand students in 440 schools. We are proud to bring the first international award granted in this field to our country".

Turkey's leading energy company Enerjisa has been rewarded by the Silver Stevie Award in 2016 at the Stevie Awards, which awarded the world's most successful institutions. Enerjisa was awarded in the "Best Social Responsibility Program of the Year in Europe' category for its "I Protect the Energy of the World" Project, which has been running in 14 provinces for 5 years. Enerjisa has provided 208,000 students with energy efficiency and savings education so far.

Murat Pınar, General Manager of Enerjisa Distribution Companies, stated that they always attach importance to social responsibility activities that will contribute to society and said "We allocate clear focus to continue working on energy efficiency which is one of the most important issues in the field of energy of our country to raise and expand energy saving awareness among public and especially on the primary school students who are our future ambassadors. In this context, we aim to reach younger children via enjoyable trainings and theater to raise awareness about energy saving. Since 2010, we have been educating primary school students on energy efficiency and saving with our social responsibility project, which we call the I Protect the Energy of the World. The fact that this meaningful work we continued in 2016 as well was awarded with the international Stevie Awards also made us proud and reminded us again of what kind of a significant work we are doing. Our target is to reach far more students, to tell our younger generation about the importance of energy efficiency."


Enerjisa has reached out a total of 208 thousand children from 440 schools with the training program pursued throughout the last 5 years. Within the scope of the project "I Protect the Energy of the World", energy efficiency trainings were provided in 14 provinces where its electricity distribution operations are carried out. In this project Enerjisa, providing Energy Efficiency Theater together with volunteering Enerjisa employees, aims to educate the children while having fun, by adapting the “The Bremen Town Musicians” to the energy efficiency theme.