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Exemplary agreement in energy saving between Enerjisa Enerji and TOBB Medical Faculty Hospital

Enerjisa Enerji will contribute to the national economy with its "Energy Performance Model".
In accordance with the agreement signed by Enerjisa Enerji with TOBB Medical Faculty Hospital, the hospital utilizing the Energy Performance Model will provide an average of 677 thousand kWh of electricity and 207 thousand TL saving per year. In line with the model, the hospital's old lighting equipment will be replaced by Enerjisa Enerji with new and high efficiency LED lighting equipment. Enerjisa Enerji model, which is consistent with the 2017-2023 National Energy Efficiency Action Plan, is expected to make a significant contribution to the national economy.

Enerjisa Enerji, which regards the energy management of the customers holistically with its products offered in the corporate segment and provides solutions at every point, has signed a new agreement with the TOBB Medical Faculty Hospital of Turkey Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Union (TOBB) in Ankara. With the agreement signed, Enerjisa Enerji will implement the "Energy Performance Model" for energy efficiency, one of the solutions it offers to its corporate customers, at TOBB Medical Faculty Hospital. According to the model, which covers replacing the old lighting equipment with new and high-efficiency LED lighting equipment and handling the maintanence of them during the contract, the hospital will save 677 thousand kWh of electrical energy annually and will save 207 thousand TL per year. The investment in the "Energy Performance Model" of Enerjisa Enerji, for which the contract duration is determined as 5 years, will amortize itself within a short period of time.

Enerjisa Enerji guarantees savings
Enerjisa Enerji also guarantees the savings that the energy efficiency improvements will bring to the enterprises. The equipment used in this model will be left to the subject company at the end of the investment and since the economic life of the equipment is longer than the contract period, the company will continue to use the equipment without making new investments and will have all the savings after the contract period.

Commitments of Enerjisa Enerji
Enerjisa Enerji undertakes the responsibility for the design, purchase, delivery to the site, installation and commissioning of the equipment, technology selection and engineering works within the scope of the project to reduce the energy consumption with LED lighting. The maintenance to be carried out during and after the subject investment will be provided by Enerjisa Enerji during the contract period. In case of failure, the replacement of the equipment will be carried out free of charge. The design and positioning of the new LED lighting will be made in agreement with the enterprises.

Speaking about the agreement, Enerjisa Enerji CEO Ziya Erdem said, "Customer needs and expectations in the energy industry are in a rapid change as in other industries. We, as Enerjisa Enerji, aim to be a company that provides experiences making differences for both customers and the industry with solutions and services tailored to the needs of each customer segment in order to fulfill the requirements of this change. I consider the Energy Performance Model to be very important both for serving this purpose and for creating value in energy saving, which is one of the top priorities of our country and industry. I wish this cooperation will be beneficial for Enerjisa and TOBB Medical Faculty Hospital."

On behalf of TOBB Medical Faculty Hospital, the Chairman of TOBB Medical Faculty, Mahmut Kutlucan said that under the agreement signed with Enerjisa Enerji, it would be a valuable economic contribution for the hospital to achieve energy efficiency through higher performance lighting while saving energy by reducing energy costs.

Enerjisa Enerji continues to provide value-added services to its customers with a wide range of solutions ranging from consultancy on energy efficiency, tariff selection and portfolio to on-site generation and battery solutions, from environment-friendly tariffs generated from renewable energy sources to lowering energy costs.