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Eşarj Builds Charging Stations in Sweden.

The leading electrical vehicles charging station network in Turkey, Eşarj, of which the majority of its shares were acquired by Enerjisa Enerji in 2018, builds charging stations in Sweden following Turkey. With the export of electrical buses manufactured by Temsa to Sweden, Eşarj will be in charge of the charging processes of these buses. Thus, Eşarj has taken the first step to become a regional player.
Eşarj, of which the majority of its shares were acquired by Enerjisa Enerji, the leading company in power distribution and retail in Turkey, in 2018 in line with its mission to create a sustainable, environmentally-friendly electrical future, has taken the first step to become a regional player.

The charging of 6 pcs. of MD9 electriCITY electrical buses, developed by Temsa engineers, manufactured at the Adana facilities of the company and then exported to Sweden, will be undertaken by Eşarj stations. By building Eşarj stations in Sweden, the company will be taking big steps to become a regional player, besides being the leading electrical vehicle charging station in Turkey. With the stations to be built, this will be the first abroad operation of a Turkish electrical vehicle charging station company.

A Milestone for the Ecosystem

Stating that the future of public transportation in the world had been shaping around electrical vehicles and that was a big step in terms of the ecosystem, Murat Pınar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Eşarj and CEO of Enerjisa Enerji, remarked, “We attach great significance to all investments which place a strong focus on sustainability and technology and take responsibility with Eşarj. With the charging stations to be built in Sweden with Eşarj, the leading company in Turkey and the representative of e-mobility solutions which are in the centre of global energy trends, we take a significant step to become a regional player. At Eşarj, we have the goal to contribute 2.5 million tons to the carbon emission due to the estimated number of electrical vehicles to be on the traffic by 2030. Hence, we would like to be among the playmakers to take the leading systems in order to contribute not only the Turkish ecosystem, but the world’s ecosystem.”

Joint Contribution to Sustainability

Placing a particular focus on sustainability and carrying out activities related to conservation measures and implementation of environmentally-friendly technologies in terms of the use of energy and natural resources, Eşarj and Temsa will be contributing to the carbon emission reduction at an international level with the project.

When the buses hit the roads, the stations will be commissioned and the project will then be initiated in Sweden with the organisation of two Turkish companies. The charging requirements of the first electrical buses exported by Temsa will be supplied by stations with 6 x AC 22kVA outlets.