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Enerjisa Supports Energy Sector Entrepreneurs with ITU Cekirdek.


Enerjisa supports innovative and progressive practices. In collaboration with ITÜ Çekirdek Early Incubation Center it is introducing Turkey to its Nar Program, an initiative started in 2015 with its own employees to provide creative solutions to energy and energy-related issues in all areas. Any entrepreneurs with innovative energy sector ideas will be able to share their ideas via the center’s website until August 19, 2017.

Implementing a first in Turkey, Enerjisa has collaborated with Istanbul Technical University’s ARI Teknokent Çekirdek in order to support the development of projects in the energy sector. Since 2015, Enerjisa has been supporting its own entrepreneurs through its NAR Corporate Entrepreneurship Program, but now it will take things one step further, gathering projects from all over Turkey together with ITÜ Çekirdek. In November Enerjisa will present its “Enerjisa Entrepreneurship Special Award” to successful entrepreneurs at the 6th Big Bang Competition and will distribute a total of 300,000 TRY in prize money, bringing a new approach to open innovation.

“The energy sector in Turkey is developing rapidly and allowing for the generation of many new and innovative ideas,” said Enerjisa’s Technology and Customer Solutions President Gül Erol highlighting the energy sector’s strategic position as a driving force towards shaping the future. Stating their belief that innovative ideas will emerge from every corner of Turkey, Erol said the following; “We position Enerjisa as a strong partner, mentor and sponsor at every stage of innovation. The ideas we harvest with the ITÜ Early Incubation Center will be developed with the mentoring of specialists in the energy sector. Alongside this, we will also provide financial support to ensure successful and promising projects.”


Referring to Enerjisa’s strength in innovation and R&D processes at every stage, Erol continued: “By supporting our entrepreneurs with our experience, we aim to contribute both to the development of the sector and to be a pioneer in the innovative transformation of Turkey’s energy sector. To do this we want to find and explore innovative ideas wherever they are and to incorporate them into our sector with the expertise of the innovative applications we have implemented for this very purpose. Thanks to our pioneering position among incubation centers in Turkey, the successful entrepreneurs we have nurtured so far, and our cooperation with ITÜ ARI Teknokent with its vast experience in innovative ecosystems, we will manage the process of selecting innovative ideas related to the energy sector and incorporating them into training programs. We are already very excited to have the opportunity to work with countless entrepreneurs from all over Turkey who have come to and are supported by ITÜ Çekirdek.”

Making a statement regarding the collaboration, ITÜ ARI Teknokent Deputy General Director Assoc. Dr. Deniz Tunçalp said that a healthy and developing entrepreneurship ecosystem is possible when corporate companies cooperate with customers, supporters, and even with investors, as entrepreneurs. He also made the point that ITÜ Çekirdek is a model in this sense. “We find Turkey’s best start-up entrepreneurs at the initial stage and unite them with corporate companies and investors to further develop them and to enable them do more extensive business,” he said. “We also create joint programs to ensure that large-scale companies work together with entrepreneurs. The Big Bang Competition, where our entrepreneurs can receive awards and gain investments, is among the world’s top three entrepreneurial competitions, with the total prize money delivered to the entrepreneurs themselves. In this sense, it is very important that we combine our strengths with another of Turkey’s most valuable brands. By using Enerjisa’s knowledge and experience in the energy sector, we will contribute to the development of entrepreneurs who will go on to develop new technologies, practices and business models in energy and all areas related to energy. We thank Enerjisa family for all their support on this journey.”

Any entrepreneurs wanting to participate in ITÜ Çekirdek and compete at Big Bang 2017 have until August 19 to apply with their energy sector ideas through the “General Application” category at www.itucekirdek.com.

About Enerjisa
A subsidiary of Sabancı Holding and E.ON, Enerjisa was founded in 1996. As the electricity market leader with its portfolio aiming to create value for every party in the electrical supply chain, its customer and market focused working models, productivity and technology-based production, and supply investments, Enerjisa provides services in the four main areas of electricity production, supply, trade and sales, alongside the natural gas industry. Enerjisa holds an installed power capacity of around 3,600 megawatts and provides electricity to 9 million subscribers and 20 million users across 14 provinces.

ITÜ ARI Teknokent
Turkey’s technology exports champion, ITÜ ARI Teknokent is a technology development zone housing more than 6,500 R&D and support personnel and over 250 technology companies on Istanbul Technical University’s Ayazağa Campus across an approximate area of 120,000m2. Carrying out comprehensive programs to support Turkey’s entrepreneurship ecosystem, ITÜ ARI Teknokent also successfully implements the programs of ITÜ Çekirdek, an early stage incubation center that transforms entrepreneurial ideas into entrepreneurial firms, ITÜ Magnet, an advanced incubation center supporting the development of entrepreneurial firms, and ITÜ Gate, a project that launches entrepreneurial firms at all levels into world markets by increasing their technology exports.

About ITÜ Çekirdek
ITÜ ARI Teknokent’s early incubation center ITÜ Çekirdek is the right place for all entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial teams and enterprises to come with their innovative and technology-based business ideas. Founded in 2012 by ITÜ and ITÜ ARI Teknokent, ITÜ Çekirdek has supported 722 entrepreneurs and 1613 entrepreneurs so far. It brings together entrepreneurs, companies, investors and professionals from all fields, including financial technologies, healthcare technologies, increased reality applications, next-generation automobiles, and transportation technologies. ITU Çekirdek was ranked as the 18th best incubator in the world and the 8th best incubator in Europe by independent evaluation agency UBI Index.