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Enerjisa Shared Information with Zonguldak Press Members About its Investments and Other Projects at Başkent Kilimli

Together with the press members, Enerjisa Başkent Electricity Distribution Inc. (Enerjisa Başkent), has carried out an on-site inspection at the underground transportation project of Kilimli energy transmission lines, which is one of the investments realized in line with local needs, by the virtue of effective and two-way communication with its local stakeholders and customers.

Enerjisa Başkent, which took over Başkent electricity distribution business covering Ankara, Zonguldak, Kastamonu, Bartın, Karabük, Kırıkkale and Çankırı in 2009, continues to assess the needs and expectations of its local stakeholders and customers and to communicate them in an effective and transparent manner to develop its services accordingly.

With this scope, during the visit held on November 4, 2011 together with the Kilimli Mayor Seçkin Özdemir, first of all an on-site inspection was carried out at the underground transportation project of Kilimli energy transmission lines and other operations to improve the electricity network. Enerjisa Başkent Distribution Operations Director Murat Pınar, who gave information about the projects on the field trip, stated that the investments made in line with the needs of the region will continue in the coming period.

Within the scope of the ongoing project in Kilimli, 3 new power distribution units will be installed, 2 old substations will be demolished and transformed into modular cell mono block system in order to provide more healthy electricity supply. A total of 10.000 meters of medium voltage, 15.000 meters of low voltage cables, 85 new lighting poles will be installed. In Phase 2 of the project, an increase of 60% will be made in addition to these amounts.

Underground transportation project of energy transmission is just one of the investments realized by Enerjisa Başkent.

Following the on-site inspection of the project, the updated information and projects were communicated to the members of the press and the needs and expectations of the region were assessed at meeting where Zonguldak local press participated. Delivering a speech at the meeting, Murat Pinar, Distribution Operations Director, stated that Enerjisa's quality and customer satisfaction oriented service concept will be felt more and more by customers and said "We have started up the SAP ISU system, the most advanced application package in the field of Customer Information Systems, we serve with short waiting periods at our Call Center. We have established Turkey's first SCADA automation infrastructure in the electricity distribution sector, so have created solutions about the troubles in the network in a very short time. We now operate our networks in accordance with the international standards. We applied standardization in all processes and locations and eliminated the differences. Our customers will be able to receive the same service from each of our centers.

All these are just the beginning, we are at the bottom of the ladder, we will continue to upgrade and improve our network infrastructure for continuous and quality electricity transmision. We will have very important work to be done in the coming period so that our customers at Başkent region can receive service at global standards with Enerjisa quality. "

What has been done?

The company that meets the electricity needs of 6,623,723 people living in Başkent Electricity distribution region covering Ankara, Kırıkkale, Çankırı, Zonguldak, Karabük, Kastamonu and Bartın, will be "next to life" with the assurance of Enerjisa. With the investments it made and the projects it has developed since it was taken over in 2009, Enerjisa Başkent Electricity has taken a major step towards becoming the electricity distribution company of European standards.

Having invested a total of 7.4 million TL for 21 projects in 2010 all across Zonguldak; in 2011, this amont was increased by 124% to reach a total of TL 16.7 million for 85 projects. Specifically for Kilimli region, in 2011 an additional investment of TL 1.3 million was allocated to investment projects, including the underground transportation project of Kilimli energy transmission lines, amounting to TL 1.7 million TL. Some of the ongoing projects in Zonguldak including the Çaycuma Underground Energy Transmission Lines Project, renewal of electricity grids of Namazgah, Karapınar, Taşçılar, Dursunlar, Coburlar, Başaran villages, establishment of additional transformer facilities in the city center to meet new energy needs, transformation of old electricity distribution grid technologies will be started in 2011. In addition, operations at Eregli city center covering central refuge lighting with 314 poles, replacement of 6 transformer zones under the ground, continues.

In order to provide sustainable and quality energy supply throughout Zonguldak, as well as the extensive planned maintenance in 2010, tree pruning operations were completed in 2011. Concerning the lighting systems, operations about renewal of lighting fixtures and poles that fulfilled their economical lives and maintenance and improvement of those that have not yet completed their economic lives, continue.

Diversity Increases in Customer Service Channels

Enerjisa Başkent diversifies its service channels in order to strengthen ties with its customers and to facilitate their lives. In this context, Customer Service Centers are being restructured with a specific concept. Customer Service Centers, where all customer transactions can be done, continue to provide high quality service in a modern and spacious environment via our customer focused and expert team. Following the opening of Ereğli Customer Services Center in September 2011, Zonguldak Customer Service Center is scheduled to be renovated in December 2011.

Mobile customer services offer a new solution to the customers who have trouble in reaching customer services centers to facilitate their accessibility and electricity customer transactions. Mobile customer services center vehicle goes to the areas where the customers are located, bringing all the services they can get from other service channels to their neighborhood. Mobile Customer Services vehicle serves in Kozlu, Alaplı, Kilimli and Gökçebey regions in Zonguldak in terms of a certain plan.

444 4 372 (444 4 ESA) Call Center continues to provide uninterrupted service to its customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the Interactive Voice Response System, customers can directly connect to the relevant customer service representative, making choices about their needs. The Call Center, which carries out its operations with its expert personnel and customer-oriented approach, serves to all customers in terms of receiving failure and illegal usage notices, informing about electricity opening and cutting, debt and invoice queries, complaint management and information update. Soon, customer transactions will also be available via the Call Center.

Enerjisa Başkent will continue to share with its customers the improvements it has made throughout the region in order to provide sustainable and quality energy and to bring customer satisfaction to the highest level in order to become a leader in Turkey and a model distribution company in Europe.