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Enerjisa Shared Children’s Poems with the Nation


Enerjisa shared the excitement of April 23rd, National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, with children who are the energy of today and the future. Children submitted poems to a contest organized by Enerjisa, which the company then shared with the nation via a national newspaper.

Taking every opportunity to share the importance given to children as Turkey’s future and energy with various projects and activities, Enerjisa also supported children on April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. Enerjisa celebrated a very special day for children by admiring their beautiful poems.

Children from all over Turkey who expressed the excitement of April 23rd in words shared their poems with Enerjisa through social media. Publishing the shared poems with photos of the little poets in a national newspaper and on its social media accounts, Enerjisa made this special day a memorable moment for children to remember for a lifetime.

To access all of the poems: FB’a LİNK VERECEĞİZ.


As part of the energy-saving movement launched with the slogan “Save Your Energy” to support the most efficient use of energy resources, Enerjisa explains energy saving to children in fun and instructive ways. Thanks to ‘Enerjimi Koruyorum’ (Protecting My Energy), the mobile game developed to raise children's awareness regarding energy efficiency and energy saving, children can learn about the energy resources of the world while learning how to protect limited resources in an entertaining and instructive way. Furthermore, Enerjisa, which continues with Energy Efficiency Theater, explains energy saving awareness to children in an entertaining way.

Working on all mobile devices, the Protecting My Energy game can be accessed via the Google Play Store and Apple Store free of charge.

About Enerjisa
A subsidiary of Sabancı Holding and E.ON, Enerjisa was founded in 1996. As the electricity market leader with its portfolio aiming to create value for every party in the electrical supply chain, customer and market focused working models, and productivity and technology based production and supply investments, Enerjisa provides services in the four main areas of electricity production, supply, trade and sales, alongside the natural gas industry. Holding an installed power capacity of around 3,600 megawatts, Enerjisa provides electricity to its 9 million subscribers and 20 million users across 14 provinces.