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Enerjisa Selected Most Admired Company of the Energy Sector for the 8th Time


Winners of “Turkey’s Most Admired Companies 2016” survey received their awards. Kıvanç Zaimler, CEO of Enerjisa, which was elected as the most admired company in the Turkish energy sector, said that human-oriented team work won the award.

Winners of “Turkey’s Most Admired Companies 2016” survey, carried out by Capital magazine for the 16th time, received their awards at a ceremony. Enerjisa CEO Kıvanç Zaimler received the award on behalf of Enerjisa, which was elected as the most admired company of the energy sector for the 8th time.

Enerjisa CEO Kıvanç Zaimler said that teamwork brought home the award and said: “Our business objectives include creating value not only for our industry, but also for our customers and our employees with our human-oriented approach. In all of our projects, we offer innovative and special services to our customers, while working to provide a safe, sustainable, fair, equitable and enjoyable work environment that values cultural diversity for our employees. To everyone who has shown us their appreciation with this award, thank you.”

1,584 executives from 500 companies participated in “Turkey’s Most Admired Companies 2016” survey. The fieldwork for the survey carried out by Zenna Research and Consulting Company took place between August and October in 2016. The awards were presented to the top three most admired companies of Turkey and winners of 38 sectors as a result of the survey, based on criteria such as management according to corporate governance principles, employee satisfaction, service or product quality, social benefits given to employees, rights and wages policy, contribution to the region and economy with the work force and investments.

About Enerjisa

A subsidiary of Sabancı Holding and E.ON, Enerjisa was founded in 1996. As the electricity market leader with its portfolio aiming to create value for every party in the electrical supply chain, customer and market focused working models, and productivity and technology based production and supply investments, Enerjisa provides services in the four main areas of electricity production, supply, trade and sales, alongside the natural gas industry. Holding an installed power capacity of around 3,600 megawatts, Enerjisa provides electricity to its 9 million subscribers and 20 million users across 14 provinces.