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Enerjisa Receives Two International Awards in the Fields of Digital Marketing and Advertising.


Enerjisa’s digital banner projects have won it silver in the Responsive Display Advertising category at MIXX Europe 2017, one of the most distinguished award ceremonies in the world of digital communications, and the Best Local Campaign award at MENA 2017 Search Awards.

Enerjisa’s Saving mode banner, the first energy saving banner in the world, continues to win awards for Enerjisa in digital marketing and advertising. At Marketing and Interactive Excellence (MIXX) Europe 2017, one of the most distinguished award ceremonies of the digital communications world, Enerjisa won silver in the Interactive Digital Advertising category, after the Saving Mode banner swept up three awards.

Having set out at the end of 2016 with the slogan Save Your Energy to make a difference in energy efficiency, Enerjisa has put its name to many projects in this field. Enerjisa has won local and international awards thanks to its Saving Mode banner, which offers interactive energy saving via both desktop and mobile advertising spaces in the digital domains. Enerjisa’s energy-saving banner, which has been launched as part of the #enerjinikoru (#saveyourenergy) movement, had already been shortlisted for three categories at MIXX Turkey 2017, and won gold in the Rich Media Display Advertisements category and bronze in both the Mobile Rich Media Display Advertisements category and the Experimental and Innovative category.


Meanwhile, Enerjisa snapped up a new addition to its array of awards in the international arena, winning the Best Local Campaign Award at MENA 2017 Search Awards by ensuring a 136% increase in search engine optimization (SEO) visibility within six months thanks to the enriched content planning and technical improvements it made to its corporate website www.enerjisa.com.tr at the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017.