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Enerjisa Prepared an Energy-Saving Digital Ad.


Enerjisa's Saving Mode application saves energy on all devices where banner ads are broadcasted. With the application, the services that exhaust the processors of the devices are stopped during the stay on the site.

Having set out with the slogan "Save Your Energy", Enerjisa added a new one to its applications to increase user awareness about this saving movement that was launched at the end of 2016. Enerjisa expanded its application by saving energy via reducing the screen brightness of the device to optimum level with the 'saving mode' application that is used on its website. Enerjisa, which prepared the world's first energy-saving digital advertisement, offers ' Saving Mode' to enable users to interactively save energy in digital media through both desktop and mobile advertising spaces.

The application is further enhanced with banner advertisements made from black background colors to provide the least amount of energy consumption on the device, which also contributes to the savings by reducing screen brightness even on devices that do not support this model. All ads within the frame of this application include data that calculates where each banner is published and the average energy consumption of this device through the project-specific web service. Thus, the amount of energy saved from each published advertisement can be calculated.


Within Enerjisa's #saveyourenergy movement, through Saving Mode application, 5 million unique users were reached through the campaign period with a total of 25 million views, both on the brand's website and in the high-access channels. Thus, a total of 750 kilowatt hours of energy savings was achieved, saving approximately 2 months electricity cost of a school through advertising broadcasts of users. Enerjisa projects that will make a difference for energy saving awareness will continue in the coming period.