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Enerjisa has opened a new call center in Adana.

October 6, 2016

Enerjisa's new call center has been opened in Adana. Mehmet Göçmen, Energy Group President Sabancı Holding and Chairman of the Board of Enerjisa said that investments will continue and that they will invest 1.8 billion TL for Toroslar region between the years 2016 and 2020.

Energy of Turkey Enerjisa continues with its customer-focused investments. With the new call center in Adana, Enerjisa will provide much faster service and increase customer satisfaction. Berat Albayrak, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources; Ömer Çelik, European Union Minister; Zafer Kurtul, Sabancı Holding CEO; Mehmet Göçmen, Energy Group President and Enerjisa Chairman Sabancı Holding; Kivanc Zaimler, Enerjisa CEO; Murat Pınar, Enerjisa Distribution Companies General Manager; Hüseyin Çağlar, Enerjisa Sales Companies General Manager opened the call center which will provide employment for 300 people.

Enerjisa, which provides electricity distribution services in 14 provinces within the electricity distribution regions of AYEDAŞ, Başkent and Toroslar, is aiming to increase the call response rate to 95 percent and decrease the connection period to the customer representative to less than 45 seconds by the virtue of the newly opened call center.

Having created new service channels by prioritizing customer preferences, Enerjisa is able to create fault recordings and receive detailed information about planned power interruptions via its mobile application with IOS and Android operating systems. Additionally, Enerjisa also communicates the planned power interruptions via messages to its customers' mobile phones through its newly developed SMS information service.

At the opening ceremony, Sabancı Holding Energy Group Chairman and Chairman of Enerjisa Board of Directors Mehmet Göçmen provided information about Enerjisa's investments in Turkey and in energy industry.

Hız kesmeden devam ediyoruz, 2016-2020 döneminde Toroslar bölgesinde bugünkü fiyatlarla yaklaşık 1.8 milyar TL dağıtım yatırımı yapacağız” dedi.


Emphasizing the customer benefit of the privatization process in the electricity distribution sector, Göçmen stated that the Toroslar Electricity Distribution Region, including Adana, is the priority in Enerjisa's business plans. Göçmen said, "We have invested approximately 900 million TL until 2015, when we took over Toroslar region. This is about three times the number of the previous three years in the public period. Despite the operational difficulties stemming from the increase in Syrian refugees, we have reduced the rate of loss and leakage from 15 % in 2013 to 12.5 % in 2015. We will continue without slowing down and with the current prices, we will invest approximately 1.8 billion TL, in the Toroslar region during the period of 2016-2020."

Enerjisa will be opening another call center in Rize in the coming period.