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Enerjisa Getting Prepared for the Future

Sabanci Holding and E.ON, the two Joint-Venture-Partners in Enerjisa, today signed an agreement that creates two distinct companies to manage its distribution and sales business separately from their generation and trading facilities. A public listing of the separate companies might follow in the future.

Different market drivers call for specialized energy companies

Mehmet Gocmen, Chairman of Enerjisa, explained the rationale behind the decision: “Turkey has made significant progress in the liberalization of the electricity market in recent years under the leadership of the Ministry of Energy and The Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA). Through the years, Enerjisa has contributed to the development of the regulatory environment in the Turkish energy sector, which is performing effectively regarding increased predictability. 20 years ago, we initiated a journey as Enerjisa that has evolved into the largest electricity company of Turkey. We have carried out 11 billion dollars of this investment together with E.ON, our business partner. In line with our new strategy of ‘Focus’ and through this strategic transformation, we aim to create two strong companies that can fully focus on their respective markets and customer needs.”

Strong commitment to the growing Turkish energy market

Keith Plowman, Enerjisa Vice Chairman stated: “Thanks to the support and commitment of shareholders Sabanci Holding and E.ON, Enerjisa will continue with its plans of profitable growth through these two companies at full force, evaluating growth opportunities and continue to add value to all stakeholders and the Turkish energy sector.”

The Turkish energy sector offers growth potential on a large scale, attracting local and international investors. Sabanci Holding and E.ON’s long term partnership has strong commitment in its business in Turkey and in Enerjisa, where they have built a dynamic strategy, a solid corporate culture, and a successful team together. Sabanci Holding and E.ON aim to contribute towards enhanced transparency of the Turkish energy sector forward and facilitate the access to improved financial conditions.