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Enerjisa Enerji will Cover Turkey with the Electric Vehicle Charging Stations via Eşarj

Turkey's leading energy company Enerjisa Enerji purchased the vast majority of Elektrikli Araçlar Şarj Sistemleri A.Ş., which operates in the field of charging station sales and the installation of charging stations as the market leader in Turkey in its respective field.

The sales of the electric vehicles, which have been a revolution in the automotive industry, is increasing rapidly in Turkey as it does in the world. In parallel to the development of electric vehicles, the need for charging stations is rising as well. Turkey's leading energy company Enerjisa Enerji, which foreseen the rising need for "charging", by purchasing the majority of the shares of Elektrikli Araçlar Şarj Sistemleri A.Ş. (Eşarj), became the majority shareholder of the company. With this acquisition, Enerjisa Enerji aims to play an active role in transforming the industry by taking on an innovative and pioneering role in this field as well as its leadership in the distribution and the sales segments of the electricity industry.

Established in 2008 in Turkey, Eşarj operates in the field of charging station sales and the installation of charging stations. Today, Eşarj has 80 charging stations serving to 1,000's customers in Turkey. Being the leading company in national station network and operating systems for the rapidly growing electric vehicles industry, Eşarj aims to offer charging solutions all over Turkey by strengthening its national network of stations consisting of charging units, and its service model.

"This acquisition is an indication of our 360 degree perspective on the electricity energy industry"

Commenting on the acquisition of Eşarj shares, Enerjisa Energy CEO Kıvanç Zaimler said that this purchase is a significant and solid indication of Enerjisa Enerji's 360 degree perspective about the electric energy industry. Pointing out that they combined the knowledge, experience and power of Enerjisa in the energy sector with the innovative business model Eşarj offers to its customers in a newly developing field, Zaimler said "The expansion of environmentally friendly electric vehicles is very important for Turkey. There is a strong need for a widespread charging station network throughout the country for the widespread use of electric vehicles and the development of this industry. At Enerjisa we have always aimed to strengthen our growth policies with sustainable and environmentally friendly products and services. Moreover, we have also included to our targets to serve our customers in all segments of the electricity industry and to provide such innovative solutions to them. The acquisition of Eşarj is also a solid indication of our perspective on the energy industry. By combining the innovative business model of Eşarj with the knowledge and experience of Enerjisa, we will continue on our way by creating solutions touching the lives of our people as the agile and innovative energy company of Turkey."