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Enerjisa Enerji to provide digital energy service to Akbank via the Blockchain technology

Developing solutions that enhance the consumption of renewable energy with efficiency and conservation-oriented products under the umbrella of Energy of My Business and that are in compliance with the sustainability goals of its customers, Enerjisa Enerji launched the digital energy service with Akbank.

Thanks to the digital energy service developed with the Blockchain technology and offered to customers for the first time, users will be able to choose the resources of the renewable energy certificates provided to them, to track their consumption on an hourly basis (24/7), and to report which renewable energy resource they are matched with.

With Sabancı Holding and E.ON SE as the main shareholders, Enerjisa Enerji, the leading company in electricity distribution and retail and 20% of which is publicly traded, continues to offer solutions that enable its customers to save and efficiently use energy with its environmentally-friendly and renewable energy-based products under the umbrella of Energy of My Business. Enerjisa Enerji breaks new ground in the energy sector with its collaboration with Akbank and gets prepared to offer the Blockchain technology to its customers preferring the Green Energy product.

Preferring the Green Energy product in line with its sustainability goals, Akbank will be able to choose the renewable energy resources according to their locations, distances and types, to monitor the resource of the energy consumed on an hourly basis, and automatically achieve the sustainability goals. Thus, Enerjisa adds an extra level of transparency to its green tariff and enables Akbank to easily access the sustainability tools.

Enerjisa Enerji to implement for the first time in Turkey

The digital platform will enable Enerjisa Enerji to provide location and hourly (7/24) matching in renewable energy supply and will become a pioneering electricity supply company in the world and the first one in Turkey that can offer such a service.

The Blockchain technology, which will bring a fresh breath to the energy sector, will enable Enerjisa customers to be able to access digital energy services, choose their renewable energy resources, report which renewable energy resource they are matched with, and disclose this information in their annual sustainability reports. Moreover, customers will be able to choose among the renewable energy power plants close to their locations defined in the system and support domestic energy consumption.

Energy technologies will help us shape not only today but also tomorrow, and motivate the stakeholders of today for the future.

Murat Pınar, CEO of Enerjisa Enerji: “At Enerjisa Enerji, we are dedicated to continuous development for a greener and smarter future, and we continue to develop products to the benefit of the environment and facilitate the lives of our customers. Energy technologies will help us shape not only today but also tomorrow, and motivate the stakeholders of today for the future. We are committed to offer a transparent experience to our customers with this service, which will be provided for the first time in our industry using the Blockchain technology. We have the goal to raise awareness based on the question that how much of the electricity we consume is renewable, and we support the awareness with the unique recording feature of the Blockchain technology. Now, our customers will not only present that they are carbon-neutral on an annual basis in their sustainability reports, but also be able to monitor the amount of energy they obtain from renewable energy resources on an hourly basis. On the other hand, we would like to encourage our corporate customers to comply with the high standards set as part of the Paris Climate Agreement and COP26 to combat climate change.

At this point, I am very happy that we introduced the digital energy service we provide with Blockchain technology, as a pioneer in the world, at Akbank, and that we have carried out an exemplary project in our sector in Turkey and worldwide.

We will continue to bring the latest technologies to our industry and raise awareness in the industry for a better world and a green future.”

Hakan Binbaşgil, Managing Director of Akbank: “At Akbank, we endeavour to leave a more habitable world to future generations, define concrete commitments and make these commitments a part of our business strategy. Accordingly, one of our primary goals is to become a carbon neutral bank by 2025. The contribution of the renewable energy supply, of which we have been provided by Enerjisa Enerji since 2021, is of great significance in reducing our carbon footprint and achieving our goal. As a bank that prioritizes transparency in its sustainability activities, we will be able to see from which resources the renewable energy we are supplied is generated, thanks this new and pioneering project. We are glad to be the first organisation to take part in this new project of Enerjisa Enerji.”

Innovative and environmentally-friendly projects with high energy conservation thanks to Energy of My Business

Developing innovative solutions that enable its customers to save energy and increase the consumption of renewable energy with the products offered under the Energy of My Business, Enerjisa Enerji attaches importance to the sustainability goals of its customers and continues its activities for a greener world.

With the solutions offered as part of Energy of My Business, besides electricity supply, sustainability service is provided in several fields, including various energy efficiency practices such as LED lighting conversions, solar energy solutions, green energy certification and EV charging station management, to facilitate the operations of institutions and organisations providing service in industry, public services, tourism and healthcare sectors.

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