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Enerjisa Enerji raised its shares in Eşarj to 94 percent

Enerjisa Enerji has increased its shares in Eşarj, the first and fastest electric charging station network in Turkey, of which the majority of its shares were acquired by Enerjisa Enerji in 2018, to 94 percent. Increasing its share in Eşarj from 80 percent to 94 percent, Enerjisa Enerji took over the shares for 42.4 million TL. Operating with the goal of a sustainable future, Enerjisa Enerji will continue to manage Turkey's first and fastest charging station network.
With Sabancı Holding and E.ON SE as the main shareholders, Enerjisa Enerji, the leading company in electricity distribution and retail, 20% of which is publicly traded, has completed a new investment and increased its majority share in Eşarj, the first and fastest electric charging station network in Turkey, to 94 percent. Enerjisa Enerji increased its majority share in Eşarj, of which the company first acquired the majority shares in 2018 in line with its mission to establish a sustainable and environmentally-friendly future, by acquiring another 14% of Eşarj's shares in return for TL 42.4 million.

Increasing the number of its stations across Turkey with the increasing electric car demand in recent years, Eşarj has been the first player in Turkey since 2009 to provide charging operator service. Operating with 468 charging stations, 155 of which are fast charging stations, in 251 locations in Turkey, Eşarj is the first and fastest electric vehicle station network in Turkey. Following the acquisition, Enerjisa has the goal to strengthen its innovative and leading position in e-mobility and to offer solutions that would contribute to carbon neutralisation in transportation.

Murat Pınar: We will continue to establish the fastest charging station network in Turkey with Eşarj.

Murat Pınar, CEO of Enerjisa Enerji and Chairman of Eşarj, stated: “First of all, I would like to express that Enerjisa Enerji is proud to be one of the first energy companies in Turkey to put e-mobility on their agenda. Today, we are delighted to have 94 percent of Eşarj by increasing our share in the company, which we have held the majority of shares of since 2018. We are getting prepared with Eşarj for the e-mobility sector, which is growing rapidly throughout the world and will also affect our country soon, and we continue to lead the sector outside of our main business lines as well.

Turkey has ratified the Paris Climate Agreement; hence, the sustainability perspective in Turkey and the responsibilities of the private sector will change. At this point, we invest in sustainability- and technology-oriented products such as distributed energy production from renewable sources, efficiency, green energy and storage. E-mobility is among these areas and the number of electric vehicles in our country is expected to reach 1 million in the next 10 years. So, there is a huge potential. At Eşarj, we will continue to increase the number of stations for our country as well as our customers in the upcoming period and to build the charging station infrastructure in Turkey with our fastest charging stations.”

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