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Enerjisa Enerji mobilizes for Karataş with its sustainable fishery project

The event for the Adana Karataş sustainable fishery project, which was launched as part of Sabancı Republic Movement, the most extensively participated social responsibility movement in Türkiye, attracted great interest.

Hosted by Enerjisa Enerji and supported by CarrefourSA, Enerjisa Üretim and Sabancı Holding, the project enabled 300 Sabancı Volunteers to get mobilized to clean the sea, the coast and the port with the enthusiasm of the celebrations of the centenary of the Republic of Türkiye.
With the mission of being a pioneer and setting an example for a sustainable life on the centenary of the Republic of Turkey, Enerjisa Enerji has been carrying out one of the most significant projects in the 3rd anniversary of the Sabancı Republic Movement, which was launched to leave a beautiful future for nature, all living creatures and future generations, and to protect the legacy of the great Turk, Atatürk, and creating a comprehensive sustainable fishery system for Karataş, Adana, where the main source of income is fishery.

The solar power plant will reduce the expenses and generate income from marine debris.

As part of the Sabancı Republic Movement, which celebrates its 3rd anniversary this year, Enerjisa Enerji builds a plastic waste recycling center in Karataş to combat marine pollution in Karataş, a region with a unique treasure of producing the highest amount of seafood in Türkiye. The project, which is sustainable for both the fishermen in the region and marine biodiversity, has the goal for the fishermen to earn income by collecting marine debris and bringing them to the waste recycling center.

The solar power plant to be installed on the roof of the ice production plant located within Karataş Fisheries Cooperative with the support of the Sabancı Republic Movement will meet the cost of its energy requirement from renewable energy. Ice produced in plants where energy is supplied from renewable energy will be provided to fishermen at low costs, and the income will contribute to the employment of local women in the cooperative.

Participants will acquire new competencies and skills thanks to the 'Sustainable Fishery', 'Ergonomics in Fishing' and 'Plastic Waste Management' trainings provided by CarrefourSA to increase the technical capacity of Karataş Fisheries Cooperative.

Hosted by Enerjisa Enerji, which puts efforts to develop the most sensitive social responsibility projects for communities, the event held for Adana Karataş – Sustainable Fishery project attracted great interest. The project was mostly participated by volunteers from Enerjisa Toroslar EDAŞ, the distribution company operating in the region, as well as volunteers, including senior executives, from CarrefourSA, Enerjisa Üretim and Sabancı Holding, representing the Sabancı Group. Locals in Karataş, a district of Adana where 90 percent of the population earns their living from fishing, and Sabancı Volunteers celebrated this special event with an extensive participation of 300 people while also celebrating the centenary of our Republic.

As part of the Movement, Sabancı Volunteers sailed with fishing boats and collected various wastes and ghost nets from the sea with the diving team, which also consisted of Sabancı Volunteers. An extensive waste collection event was also carried out at the port and Harbiş Beach. At the end of the event, 878 kg of waste was collected and delivered to the waste recycling center.

We celebrate our Republic by putting efforts for our country

Stating that they put all their efforts into achieving their impact-oriented sustainability goals, Murat Pınar, CEO at Enerjisa Enerji, remarked, “We are proud to achieve the 3rd Republican Movement on the centenary of our Republic and to celebrate this special day by putting efforts for our country. In the event held for our sustainable fishing project, which was hosted by Enerjisa Enerji and carried out on a voluntary basis, we put efforts into Karataş, Adana, one of the significant fishing centers in Türkiye. Launching this project in this region will help us achieve significant contributions in terms of renewable energy, biodiversity, increasing the technical capacity of fishermen as well as employment of women. We put efforts with the awareness of our responsibility to bring prosperity to future generations for A Better Future. We would also like to thank CarrefourSA and Enerjisa Üretim for their support. ‘’

About Enerjisa Enerji
Enerjisa Enerji, which pioneers the energy transformation in Turkey by using the multiplier effect of sustainability and technology in line with its vision of "A better future for all", provides service to 25 percent of Turkey in electricity distribution and retail, which are the main fields of activity of the company. Enerjisa Enerji, the prominent player in the industry, reaches 10.6 million customers in 14 provinces and provides electricity distribution services to more than 22 million users. While Enerjisa Enerji offers renewable energy, efficiency, and green energy solutions to its customers via its Energy of My Business brand, the company also operates the first and fastest charging station network in Turkey with Eşarj, the company of which Enerjisa owns 100% of its shares. 20 percent of Enerjisa Enerji, whose main shareholders are Sabancı Holding and E.ON, is publicly traded in Borsa Istanbul.

Sabancı Republic Movement
Cherishing the values of the Republic of Türkiye has been a highly significant priority of the Sabancı Group since its establishment. The purpose of the Sabancı Republic Movement is to lead and set an example for sustainable living, as well as to support the efforts to pick up the pieces following environmental disasters. The goal of the Movement is to leave a better future for future generations, the environment, and all living things and to protect the legacy of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.
The Sabancı Republic Movement organized 270 events in 48 cities with its 22,000 Sabancı Volunteers in the past 2 years. The Movement put efforts in various fields, including, tackling climate emergency, soil rehabilitation, sapling planting, supporting biodiversity, renovating schools, cleaning the environment, preparing young people for the future, women's participation in business life, etc. Sabancı Republic Mobilization celebrates its 3rd anniversary.