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Enerjisa Enerji’s digital channels which offer online subscription, evacuation, bill payment and application services were used 3 times more during the Coronavirus epidemic period.
Operating in partnership of Sabancı Holding and E.ON as the leading company in electricity distribution and retail sales sector, Enerjisa Enerji continued to offer many customer operations on digital platforms during the Coronavirus epidemic period. Providing services for an average of 500,000 customers per day, the company offers all the operations that are conducted on physical channels to be carried out on online channels, as well; thanks to many investments made in the digital transformation process.

13 percent of the operations were carried to digital channels

According to usage reports of the last three months, a majority of Enerjisa Enerji customers preferred to conduct their operations online (web and mobile). While the share of online channels within all operations was 5.9 percent before the Coronavirus epidemic, this figure was recorded to have increased up to 20.4 percent during the epidemic period. And in these days of taking the first steps towards normalization, subscribers continue to use online channels at high levels. As a result, about 13 percent of users continue to conduct their operations on online channels.

More than one million customers use Enerjisa’s online channels

Enerjisa Enerji aims to maintain its leading position in the sector by continuing to invest in web and mobile based online service channels which have more than one million users in total, along with its 122 service centres in 14 cities. Enerjisa Mobile Application is available on mobile devices with IOS and Android operation systems. And online services are provided through the website (enerjisa.com.tr) or the telephone number (444 4 372).