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Enerjisa Enerji and Umraniye Municipality Break New Ground in the Sector with Energy Efficiency Project

Enerjisa Enerji added a new one to its Energy Performance Contracts. With the agreement which has been the first of Public-Private Sector collaborations, Enerjisa Enerji implemented LED Lighting conversion project with Umraniye Municipality and enabled 13% of savings per year over the total consumption of electricity energy.
Attaching great importance to energy efficiency and developing project specific to the needs of its customers in line with this, Enerjisa Enerji came together with Umraniye Municipality this time in its new project. As part of this, an agreement was signed between Enerjisa Enerji and Umraniye Municipality concerning the replacement of 2,981 fixtures in Umraniye Municipality building and parking areas with new led fixtures. With the agreement, savings to be gained within the total lighting group of Umraniye Municipality are expected to be 67% and savings to be gained over the yearly total electricity energy consumption are expected to be 13%.

Energy Performance Contract Model Agreement which will be valid for 4 years is the first and only agreement to be made with the collaboration of energy sector and public sector. The agreement does not involve any additional cost for Umraniye Municipality since all investments will be made by Enerjisa Enerji.

Environmentally friendly, high performance and low-cost project

Energy Performance Contract Model Project stands out with its environment friendly character. Carbon emissions decrease thanks to the decrease in electricity consumption enabled by the project. Moreover, new fixtures with high energy efficiency provide better performance and comfort. This enables various advantages such as long-life and durable lighting up to 55,000 hours, low maintenance costs and decrease load of investment costs.

Umraniye Municipality saves 67% over the total lighting consumption.

Enerjisa Enerji Retail Sales Companies General Manager Ersin Esentürk made the following statement about the subject: “In our world of limited resources, we have to use electricity energy which is one of the most important resources on the planet very efficiently as all the other resources. With this project, we add value to electricity energy and lighting. We aim to decrease power consumption originating from the lighting systems of the facilities by increasing comfort levels using LED lighting technologies with our project which enables increase in efficiency through software supported design, most efficient fixture options and automated lighting. As part of the agreement signed with Umraniye Municipality, 2,981 old type fixtures in municipality building and parking areas were replaced with new LED fixtures. Thanks to this replacement, 893,000 kWh worth of savings were achieved; this figure corresponds to 67% of the total lighting group of Umraniye Municipality and to 13% of the total electricity consumption. The project also enabled prevention of 485,256 kg CO2 emissions. This project carries great importance for us as it is the first and only project conducted with the collaboration of public and private sectors. We plan to continue our works in the field of energy efficiency without losing momentum and to implement the project with various other organizations as well.”

And Umraniye Mayor Ismet Yıldırım gave the following statement about the signed agreement and achieved savings: “We made significant amounts of saving for Umraniye Municipality with this project we conducted jointly with Enerjisa Enerji. Likewise, our municipality building is among the first public buildings characterized as environmentally friendly. Thus, we aim to achieve 67% saving on power consumption per year with the agreement we made through LED Lighting conversion project. On the other hand, the agreement did not bring any additional cost for Umraniye Municipality since all the investments belonged to Enerjisa Enerji in the Energy Performance Contract Model which will be valid for 4 years and which is the first implementation made in collaboration of Energy sector and public sector. May this savings agreement be beneficial for all.”